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((Everyone can meet and talk down here~))

message 2: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments Beyond Birthday exited the apartment building, coffee in hand, and looked to the early morning sky. He breathed in the fresh, crisp air and smiled warmly.
I always loved a killing in the early morning.

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L was already on the street with a ring pop on for some reason and he had coffee in his other hand. He took turns on each one.

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Laika | 41 comments BB noticed a man out of the corner of his eye. His grin widened when he saw who it was.
And to make the day even better....ha...ha.... Rue Ryuzaki sauntered silently over to L and simply stood over him, staring.

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L tried to ignore BB for a bit, but finally sighed, set down his coffee on the pavement and did a swift kick for BB's jaw.

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Laika | 41 comments Beyond started in surprise and twisted backwards with impressive elasticity. His blood-soaked handkerchief flew out of his pocket and onto the pavement, startling a passerby.
He paled and hoped L wouldn't notice. BB looked back at L.
"wh-why did you do that?"

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L. blinked and pretended to not notice the rag,"I don't like people almost breathing down my neck." he said calmly, picked up his coffee, and continued walking silently.

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Laika | 41 comments Beyond snatched up the bloodstained cloth in fear that a DNA test would be possible with it.
He narrowed his eyes and followed L with equal silence.

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L took a sudden turn into an alley with a completely blank face. He then finished his coffee and started to scale the buildings carefully.

message 10: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments BB craned his neck and watched L disappear up the building, along with the red numbers floating around his head. "hm."

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L walked casually on the rooftops until he was far enough away that he was safe enough.

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Laika | 41 comments Beyond twitched a bit and felt that tingly feeling inside of him- the one that told him that it was time to kill again. He stumbled back, and then began to silently ascend the building parallel to L.

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L closed his eyes and descended the building slowly. He then started to walk on the street again, the coffee cup still in his hand.

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Laika | 41 comments Beyond was a step ahead of him. He leapt and landed on the ground two feet in front of L.
"L....Lawliet..." Rue whispered, his grin curling.

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L flashed a look at BB that was a mixture of shock and slight anger,"Who are you." he said firmly, reaching up his shirt.

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Laika | 41 comments His grew grew wider and he began to step around L in such a way that it would be difficult for him to escape if he tried to run.
"My name is Rue. Pleasure to meet you, sir." he eyed him.
"Funny...we could be related."

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L sighed softly,"I can see the make-up on your face..." he said bluntly and shifted on his feet.

message 18: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments Beyond nodded; he had in fact added some eyeshadow to his eyes.
"Observant." he took a step closer.

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L scratched his chest and a small click went off when he did,"I get that a lot." he murmured. He then looked at Beyond with slightly tired eyes.

message 20: by Juniper (new)

Juniper (junielove) ((i join in now :) ))

Light was walking to his room.

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Witchy | 32 comments Tarrie ran down the streets with Ma'Tai running after her.
"Wait up," the South African girl yelled,"Tarrie, your running fastly! Stop!"
"C'mon! Taitai," Terrie called over her shoulder,"Bitten is coming out! We have to by the DVD!"
"When did we get money for something so high priced?!"
"Teehee~! Donations!"
"Your donations do not mean anything!"

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Laika | 41 comments Beyond's red gaze matched L's.
What is that....some sort of alarm?

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L smiled softly,"I'll be on my way." he said and started to walk away slowly.

message 24: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments "LE FUDGE?! WHATCH OUT," Tarrie screamed trying to break on her roller blades. She ran right into L.

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L flinched and fell back with a small wince as his arched back hit the pavement.

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Witchy | 32 comments "Fuck shit," she muttered. She flipped herself next to him,"Damn fuck shit damn. You okay?"
Ma'Tai ran up to see the havoc,"Oh..."

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L nodded and and sat up slowly, rubbing the back of his head,"I'm fine." he said and stood.

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Witchy | 32 comments Ma'Tai slapped Tarrie in the head an held out her hand to L. "I'm sorry. She is not very controllable."
Tarrie pouted and jumped up,"Onward to Bitten!"
"You just knocked down a man!"
"So," she said with a shrug,"He isn't bleeding or dead."

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L laughed softly and didn't take the hand,"Thanks for offering." he muttered. He then coughed softly, rubbing his back gently.

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Witchy | 32 comments "Jou sure your okay," Ma'Tai asked, her accent dripping threw that sentence.

message 31: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments Beyond jumped slightly in surprise. He looked over at L, feeling guilty suddenly for his urges.
"Are you alright?" he took no notice of the girls.

message 32: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments "You," Tarrie said with a grin to Beyond,"You will come with me to Bitten!" She looped her arm into his.

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L nodded at all of them, but slightly stiff at BB. He then sighed and started walking again.

message 34: by Laika (last edited Mar 15, 2012 06:12PM) (new)

Laika | 41 comments A harsh shudder ran down BB's spine and he recoiled, not used nor fond of being touched.

message 35: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments "Away we go," She said with a happy chime. She started pulling the poor BB to the DVD store.

message 36: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments Rue narrowed his eyes and twisted his arm out of her grip.

message 37: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments "But," she whined. She made her blue eyes go all big and googaly,"But why not?"

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Bayz wrote: "((i join in now :) ))

Light was walking to his room."

Ryuk ate an apple and watched Light.

message 39: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments He stepped back, his teeth clenched.
"Who are you??"

message 40: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments "Tarrie Clerck," She said happily.

message 41: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments Yes, idiot, I knew that.... He glared at the numbers drifting idly around her head.
"Why are you taking me with you?"

message 42: by Juniper (new)

Juniper (junielove) Light stepped into his room, laying on his bed,

message 43: by Witchy (new)

Witchy | 32 comments Laika wrote: "Yes, idiot, I knew that.... He glared at the numbers drifting idly around her head.
"Why are you taking me with you?""

"So we can get movies," she said smiling.

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Laika | 41 comments He paled, and then nodded; since growing up at Wammy's nearly his whole life he had had politeness nearly pounded into him; it was impossible to say 'no'.
He cast an eye almost beggingly at L.

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((BB Actually lived at Wammy's house for most of his life... he was one of those forced to try to be as good as L... the first one, A, killed himself because of it =/.\=))

L ignored it, getting some entertainment out of this for some reason.

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Bayz wrote: "Light stepped into his room, laying on his bed,"

Ryuk sat down "So...we actually gonna do anything today?"

message 47: by Juniper (new)

Juniper (junielove) He shrugged. "Maybe."

message 48: by Laika (new)

Laika | 41 comments ((so I've read....It's been a long time since I've read that...I will edit it, I'm sorry))

Beyond continued to stare fearlessly into L's eyes as he was dragged off.

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((XD Its fine~))

L waved softly and walked in the opposite direction as him.

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Witchy | 32 comments "It's gonna be fun~!" Tarrie dragged him off.
"Oh dear," Ma'Tai said facepalming.

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