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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments Being the proud owner of a kindle it really gets my back up that some kindle books are more expensive than the paperbacks......go figure.

message 2: by C.D. (new)

C.D. Hussey (cdhussey) | 9 comments I agree. I think an ebook should be half the price of a paperback, just like an MP3 album is about half the price of a CD.

message 3: by Riley (new)

Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments totally the first i badly wanted on my kindle was the new sookie stackhouse and it was dearer than the price of the paperback. I ended up borrowing it from a friend, reading it and thinking 'thank god i didnt pay over $10 for a digital copy'

message 4: by April (new)

April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments I so agree with ya'll! ebooks should be half thee price of a physical book. We're not paying for paper and ink on an ebook.
Even though I did buy an ebook that was priced at $9.99 because one of my childhood best friends had their first book published and it was either buying the paperback book for $15.95 or ebook for $9.99

message 5: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Bowers (bridgetbowers) | 1 comments The crazy thing with ebooks is the prices are all over the map and doesn't reflect publisher, author, size or anything. Everyone picks the number they want to sell their ebook for and goes with it. Makes it crazy when you're browsing to see free, $.99, $1.99, $2.99 and on up to $9.99 or even more.

message 6: by Riley (new)

Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments it goes without saying that an ebook is cheaper to produce than an ebook. So is it greed? Surely its better to sell 10 books at $4.99 than 2 books at $9.99. On another twist one of our authors, Rue Volley has a series called the blood and light vampire series. Each book is around 180,000 words which is 3 times the average novel. We still market them slightly lower but i think it would be nice for her to get slighter more for the sheer effort gone into a single book.

message 7: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright At times I think 14.99 is too much. I paid 14.99 for Ann Rice's new book which was horrible. and then I pay $.99 for Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) by Susan Ee
which ends up being the best book I've read in 2012.
go figure.

message 8: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 39 comments I have the Nook, but I refuse to pay the same for a e-book as the physical book. I shop around and check the prices and compare the physical book $ to the e-book price. You guys are so right, the e-book should be much cheaper. It's a electronic file, no shipping or other overhead costs. The computer sends it out and stores it. I also cannot stand to see a e-book that is only 100 pages selling for $2.99. I've found some great deals on Smashwords and PubIt (Barnes & Noble website).

message 9: by Riley (new)

Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments smashwords is great and i try to market our ebooks at a resnoble price, we no longer use a third party to distribute which help drive the costs down and we offer a 'delayed download' from the website which offers the author a straight 50% of the rrp which i think is great for them

message 10: by Ian (new)

Ian Hall (ianhall) | 4 comments I'm an author, and I don't think it's ethical to ask for anything more than $5 for an eBook.
Most of our vampire novels are $2.99, and our short stories are 99c.

message 11: by Denise (new)

Denise Verrico | 2 comments I'm with a small press and our books are usually $4.99, but a lot of the Indies sell cheaper. I've only once bought an ebook over $5. Most of the editing etc is done for the print version, so an ebook should cost less.

message 12: by Electa (new)

Electa Graham (electagraham) I refuse to pay more for an e-book than a paperback. I don't mind paying a little more if the book has just come out in hardcover. This has stopped me from buying the rest of a series.
The latest Sookie Stackhouse I made an exception. I got the first 6 or 8 books for a crazy cheap price so it all equals out.
I am an indie author and I charge 2.99 for my novel. I read lots of indie books and am surprised how good some of them are. Some indie authors give their books away. It is a good way to take a chance on an author. The other day I downloaded 11 books. All free. I review books as well.
You just have to type in free horror or free erotica and it lists everything that is free. or 99cents etc.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

These are good comments for authors. I am a first time author and your comments/suggestions are great feedback. I don't necessarily think it's greed on the author's part, maybe the publisher...I don't know. I know for me personally, it's trial and error to see what people will pay. I have some thinking to do!

message 14: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (jerseygirl79) I will not pay more than a paperback for an e-book and only then when it's an author I love and I know it will not go down or I just don't want to wait and will re-read it.

message 15: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Reynolds (glendareynolds) I thought that was the whole point of pricing an ebook at .99 cents in order to get more sales. I have never seen an ebook at the price some of you are quoting, and I agree that it should be priced less. It's just greedy of people in my opinion. I am also a first time publisher at the Amazon Kindle store and have priced my book at .99 cents. Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires But of course it sells the best when it is FREE.

message 16: by Melonie (new)

Melonie | 1 comments 5$ is my limit on an ebook.
Most best selling authors sell their new releases for the same price as print. Maybe not all, but that is what I've come across lately. That sort of pricing has led me to a lot of great indie authors.

message 17: by Terab (new)

Terab  (fiddylover) I feel like ebooks are getting more expensive. I prefer to pay less than $3.99 but I will pay more if I really want to read the book. Lately it seems like most of the books I want to read are $7.99+ so I have been more picky with my selection. Unfortunately with Kindle, ereaders, etc purchasing a book with one-click is instant gratification, so I rarely will purchase a paperback or go to the library anymore. We are at their mercy!! LOL!

message 18: by Adriwho (new)

Adriwho | 1 comments I thought I would be saving money by reading ebooks but finding this isn't the case! I am 100% for authors making money off the sale of ebooks! Ebooks should be half the price - period! I have my Kindle & just downloaded Overdrive for my iphone and I'm going to be checking out ebooks from the library. I'm not paying more than $7 for an ebook any more.

message 19: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Reynolds (glendareynolds) Speaking of free, my ebook will be free tomorrow. At the Kindle store type in Mayan World of Vampires. If you do read it, please give me a review. Thanks.

message 20: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty I personally won't pay more than £7 for one but in the UK you have to pay VAT on ebooks but not on physical copies of books so that can sometimes make them priced the same or there about's. I've found the books I want to read are either cheaper or same price as paperback and I get loads of free books from Amazon. I get roughly 5 books a week free and a couple that's priced at 79p.

message 21: by Electa (new)

Electa Graham (electagraham) As an author I believe 99cents is a good promotional tool but you will not likely make money at this rate. Only indie authors get to set their prices, authors who are with a big publishing company do not have this right. HarperCollins Penguin are two publishers who as far as I am concerned have a beef with kindle and have raised their prices so high it is ridiculous.

message 22: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 3 comments I agree, Like most things I feel like the world is depending more and more on eletronics. This is both good and bad. While i feel that it advances our way of life we may be paying for it in the end. I think when the ebook came out they promoted the books at a cheaper rate to get people to buy the eletronic device needed to read them. Now that most people have a Eletronic reader they no longer have to price thier books at such a cheap cost. Most ebook that i have found is either the same price or only a few dollar cheaper. I personnally enjoy the feel of the pages in my hand and the knowlege that if i am going to spend the money on a book that it is atlest going to sit on a shelf rather than getting deleted after and i lose the book.

message 23: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 39 comments Electa wrote: "I refuse to pay more for an e-book than a paperback. I don't mind paying a little more if the book has just come out in hardcover. This has stopped me from buying the rest of a series.
The latest S..."

I'm with you, I refuse to pay more then $7.99 for a ebook. I rented the last Sookie and Anita books from the library and as time goes by when I find them cheap as a ebook I'll buy them.

message 24: by Tracy (new)

Tracy | 2 comments there is a book on kindle i want , but it is 6 pounds, i refuse to pay that much

message 25: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 39 comments Tracy wrote: "there is a book on kindle i want , but it is 6 pounds, i refuse to pay that much"

rent them from the library or borrow the physical book, then when the price goes down buy the e-book.

message 26: by Justine (new)

Justine Saulnier (goodreadscombookworm247) | 46 comments it is sometimes cheaper to buy a e book than to buy an regualr book at walmart paper backs and hard covers are at least 14$-15$ on my kobo its 9.99 for books that are old but for new books they can be expensive and so can series in both e reader and paper back or hard cover is equally expensive for the sookie stackhouse series its 69.99 for the entire series in e reader format and in hard cover or paper back the entire series on chapters is less money than on a kobo WTF thats sooooo annoying

message 27: by Amyiw, Challenges Moderator (last edited Sep 02, 2012 07:10PM) (new)

Amyiw | 1082 comments Mod
Higher prices
This was by far and in large by the iPad competing for the greed of the publishers. Do we remember the day of 9.99max per book at Amazon days?

Here is a website from 2010 that points it out.

"Apple iPad deal pushes another publisher to renegotiate with Amazon"..."Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who told Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal that publishers were going to begin withholding their titles from the Kindle because they were not happy with the pricing structure. Jobs also said the iPad and Kindle would offer "the same" prices on e-books."

(isn't that monopoly? no competion? At least at a store you get different prices and you can shop for the cheapest.)

So you could blame higher prices on Apple... I do.

corporations in cahoots to squeeze the consumer. The only thing the ebooks have on books is easy of use and portability. What they lack is way greater, you cannot loan your book, of the many titles I bought, more than 1/2 that I wanted to loan to friends were unavailable for loan. If they are "loanable", you are limited to one loan. I want to be able to loan multiple times, or give away my copy altogether. If they charge nearly the same price for a copy that cost a lot less to circulate (no ink, paper, or store front) then at least give us the same rights. Also to loan, the person I loan to has to have a Kindle or Kindle app device.

Sorry for me it is the the cheapest form that I go for and if the novel is just slightly cheaper in ebook form, I'll still go to the hardback or paperback every time. My little way to protest. It cost them a lot more and I will read it and either loan it or give it away. Now there is one more copy in circulation that the publishers will not have any say over me "sharing" MY book.

I also try to get my books from the library or library sales. If I love an author or series, I buy new release but then it goes to someone else after I'm done reading it. all the way!

message 28: by Richard (new)

Richard Parise | 9 comments As a self-published eBook author I agree that eBooks should be priced lower than paperbook in most cases. It costs me only my time to publish and my book is listed on Amazon,B+N and the iTunes bookstore. If I was to publish a hardcover it would cost me a minimum of $400 and the publisher would have to pay staff to create and promote the product. I do believe,however those converted from hardcover to eBook should be a set percentage lower and not randomly priced.

message 29: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments I'm a small publisher (Staccato Publishing and Darkest Night Publishing) and set our ebook prices as 1/3 of paperback. Digital books are just as much work on our end as a paperback but the fact that we can't promote them the same reduces certain marketing costs (ie: ARCs to the big reviewers and mailings through the ABA to indie bookstores don't apply with digital). However there is still the author's time and publisher's time and skill involved so we have to charge something. Charging less than $4.99 per book leaves nothing for either party but more seems too high for a product we can't hold in our hands. There's how some of us figure our prices. There is method to the madness. Sometimes.

message 30: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments Oh, and the new uptick in ebook prices is a direct push back from publishers after the DOJ ruling about Amazon gouging and price dropping. Just sharing.

message 31: by Anna (new)

Anna Rose (sumaire) Nicola wrote: "Being the proud owner of a kindle it really gets my back up that some kindle books are more expensive than the paperbacks......go figure."
Some traditional publishing houses have done this deliberately in a effort to keep Amazon from underselling them. Authors who publish through traditional houses generally have no control over the price of their book.

message 32: by Anna (last edited Dec 13, 2012 04:22PM) (new)

Anna Rose (sumaire) E-book versions of my vampire novels (no, they aren't sparkly romances) are only $3.99 each, while my short stories are only $0.99, because yes, the overhead is considerably less.

That said, the softcover (trade) versions of my books are between $9.99 and $14.99 each, to cover the cost of manufacture.

message 33: by Kelly (new)

Kelly E. (KellyEGrant) | 6 comments $21 for Cold Days, the new Harry Dresden, more expensive than the hard cover. Out and out gouging by the publishers who have realized that the e-book market is a new trough for their to stick their piggy snouts in. Husband bought this and I nearly killed him, his "must have it NOW" reaction is exactly what the publishers count on.

message 34: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments That's ludicrous! Charging that much will just encourage more people to borrow it from a friend or library, or see if they can get it for free somewhere on the internet. Piracy isn't a thing for honest book lovers, but if the books get too expensive, well... I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised to see an uptick in piracy if publishers want to keep gouging. I'd rather sell 1,000 at a small profit than 3 at a huge one (and be thought a greedy pig).

message 35: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (dawnv) Personally my biggest issue with e-books is my lack of ownership. I cannot trade them, I cannot loan them, I buy it and it is just for me. Ack I think books should be shared. I mean even my audio books can be downloaded and saved to cd's then shared with family and friends.

As for the price personally the lowest price wins this often means waiting for used especially when the author is unfamiliar. Then I am more likely to buy in paper so I can trade it or sell it if I do not like it. Please do not get me wrong while I enjoy the free kindle book I have no problem paying $6.99 for a book but when you add that I cannot loan it or sell it then I start to have problems.

Shame really!

message 36: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 39 comments Dawn wrote: "Personally my biggest issue with e-books is my lack of ownership. I cannot trade them, I cannot loan them, I buy it and it is just for me. Ack I think books should be shared. I mean even my audio b..."

I think that's the kicker (the un-loanable part). I would pay $6.99 for a paperback, but not a e-book, and refuse to pay $20 for a hardcover. I try to pick up a new book at the library and then later pick up the e-book when the price is way down

message 37: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
I'm actually signed up with a site that finds 5 free kindle books a day. so far I'm loving it. the most I have paid was $6 for a whole series! whilst I would pay anything from $10-15( depends on how desperate I am to get it) for a paperback/hardcover. I would pay the opposite in ebooks $10 and under.
$21 for harry dresden! the series may be great but that is one for the "wait till it gets cheaper pile" for me.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

I will not pay for an e-book if it is more expensive then its hardbacked/paperbacked counter-part.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

I love perusing the top free book on the kindle list.

message 40: by H.K. (new)

H.K. Savage | 57 comments Adele, maybe it's the one you're signed in with but I get a daily ebook notice from Kindle and it gives me at least one free ebook, the rest are on sale. I've got over 100 books in my Kindle nevermind the freebies on Kobo and then Barnes & Noble. Tons from authors too who want me or someone on staff to review because they know we post all over and folks seem to care what we think. If you're really looking for some good reads and have a bit of time, look into signing on with a reviewer and/or blogger. They love fresh perspectives on books and you're always kept "in the books." Just a thought.

message 41: by Geoff (new)

Geoff Keall | 1 comments May be just my impression but it seems that publishers are increasingly upping the price for Kindle Books. Wherever a book price seems exorbitant or should I say extortionate those words always appear: "Price set by the publisher" There greed has no bounds. Indeed the advent of digitally delivered Ebooks is an opportunity to cut out the lazy middle men who are used to the good life at the expense of their captive authors - but here they are at it again and usually with non fiction books that have been around for years. I guess the only answer is to garb a copy and make it available over a p2p network. These publishers are so ensconced in the 20th century monopoly system they can't get it through their skulls that their greed just leads to quicker minds than theirs finding alternative methods to enable a fair price to consumers. Of course they continue resort to the big stick of litigation rather than fair play.

message 42: by Alexia (last edited Aug 30, 2013 01:27PM) (new)

Alexia Wells (alexiaawells) | 2 comments Since there is no cost associated with printing it, one dollar per 10,000-15,000 words works for me.

Shera (Book Whispers) (sherabookwhispers) It has been bothering me how high the ebook prices have gotten, and know when I look on Amazon most of the time paperback prices are lower!! Way lower. Even hardback are cheaper then ebook versions.

message 44: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
I have noticed that as well.
It is very annoying finding ebooks more expensive than paperback /hardcover copies .
Its not right. Well I don't think it should be allowed.
But I use this as an incentive to go out and buy books( especially if its cheaper).

message 45: by Norma, BOM & Co Moderator (new)

Norma Mills | 653 comments Mod
Adele wrote: "I have noticed that as well.
It is very annoying finding ebooks more expensive than paperback /hardcover copies .
Its not right. Well I don't think it should be allowed.
But I use this as an incentive to go out and buy books( especially if its cheaper)."

Sometimes a book in your hand is just worth it. I don't have an electronic device, yet, so I have no idea how much these cost.

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