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message 1: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Does anyone know if the Kindle Fire is an equivalent to an IPad? Can you write on the Kindle Fire (more than just notes)? I have a Kindle but I'm considering getting an IPad to replace my netbook. Would the Kindle Fire be good enough? Thanks for any help.

message 2: by Roberta (new)

Roberta (driope) I think they are different items, so you can't really compare them. And if you think to replace your netbook you should go for the ipad: you can read, write, play games, surf the internet, balance your bank account, etc... The ipad lets you do many things, reading a file on it it's just one of them. The Kindle let's you do less things, but it's focused on the reading experience, which is its strength. If you have a Kindle already you should an iPad: soon you'll realize you can use them both, maybe for different things.

On a personal note: I used to read pdf novels on my laptop. It's possible, although not comfortable. I got a Kindle and I'm a happier reader now. A friend of mine choose an iPad and she's an happier reader, too. I think it's a very personal decision, so try them both and see what's best for your necessities, and your eyes (I can't stare too long at a computer/tablet monitor)

message 3: by Patti (new)

Patti Roberts | 27 comments I don't think the kindle fire has text to speech so I went for the kindle touch - very nice.

message 4: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Roberta wrote: "I think they are different items, so you can't really compare them. And if you think to replace your netbook you should go for the ipad: you can read, write, play games, surf the internet, balance ..."

Thank you so much, Roberta. I think I'll probably go for the IPad. I love my Kindle for reading, but I want more in a smaller size for writing and checking email, etc. Appreciate your input.
As a thank you, take a peek at the FREE pdfs on my website. If you like historical romance, something here may appeal to you. :)
(Scroll down to the stuff that interests you)


message 5: by Roberta (new)

Roberta (driope) Linore wrote: "Roberta wrote: "I think they are different items, so you can't really compare them. And if you think to replace your netbook you should go for the ipad: you can read, write, play games, surf the in..."

Thanks Linore: I don't know a lot about the genre, but it's growing on me

Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
The Kindle Fire is a fully functional tablet. You can check email, play games, surf the web, and watch movies on it. It is considered a lower-end version of the iPad. It's a bit smaller (7 inch screen rather than a 10 inch) and it doesn't have all the bells and whistles. It doesn't have a camera, microphone, or 3G capability in it. Because of it not having all of these extras, the battery life is a lot higher than the iPad. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper.

Rumor has it that Amazon will soon be releasing their Kindle Ice which would be a 10inch tablet and directly compete with the high end iPad. This way they'd have both a high end and a low end option for their customers to choose from.

message 7: by Roger (last edited Feb 27, 2012 12:17PM) (new)

Roger Cave | 101 comments There are also other alternatives on Amazon's website, cheaper than both the iPad and the Fire and somewhere inbetween in terms off performance. I think it's called the M009S, the 8GB one. On it's own it's faster and has more ports than the fire and a larger internal memory. It's the same size as the fire, so it's smaller than the iPad, but will take external memory cards.

I have a different tablet which is a bit dated now, and I tend to find the major players devices are well overpriced for their offerings.

message 8: by Steven (new)

Steven Stickler | 10 comments I have kindle, ipad, and fire. I do like the small size of the fire and use it quite a bit for web browsing. But it really isn't in the same category as the ipad, IMO. If I need to do much interacting (drafting docs, text entry, web browsing with extensive clicking) I switch to the ipad. Text entry, screen size, screen responsiveness are better. Don't get me wrong, I love the fire for what it does but I wouldn't try to use it for much work.

message 9: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Hey thanks, Ralph, Roger and Steven. Ralph almost sold me on the Kindle Fire, but now I'm back to thinking about Ipad. Any idea when Kindle Ice will be out?
I really do want something that can handle a large text document (I'm an author) so thanks, Steven, for mentioning that. The netbook is still too large and it's battery life is dismal.

message 10: by Steven (new)

Steven Stickler | 10 comments Yeah, I'm pretty sure if you want to do more than just a few short emails, you'll want the ipad.

You might want to look at some of the fire threads at Kindleboards. Same question has been asked and you can get a range of opinions.

message 11: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Thanks, Scott! And Steven, I'll check out those boards if I get a chance, but I think this has helped me decide on going with the iPad.
Thanks for the help, all of you.

message 12: by Betsy (new)

Betsy If I were a writer, I wouldn't want to rely on a touchpad tablet for writing. I find typing on the touchscreen extremely frustrating.

There are tablets that have a removable keyboard (I have an Asus Transformer). You might consider one of those.

Of course, you can apparently get a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad.

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) I started a book blog in October, so my husband bought me the Fire for an early Christmas present so I could read ebooks that indie authors asked me to review. I had been toying with the idea of getting an ereader before I started my blog, but actually getting it up and running sealed the deal. I chose the Fire, even with it being an untried new commodity, because I didn't want to upgrade anytime soon. I don't use anywhere near all the features, but I may eventually. I do like having color book covers, reading magazines and the option to play my song list on it. I still need to try out a movie and get an audiobook to try.

The browser is nice, but it's hard typing on the touchscreen and a bit frustrating because it's touch sensitive and so damn tiny.

message 14: by Joan (new)

Joan (jomarcho1) | 30 comments My daughter has the Fire and really dislikes it a lot. She says it locks up, doesn't like the way it handles and wished she had just gotten a regular Kindle and then an IPAD tablet. It also didn't get good reviews by the Kim Comando tech show.

message 15: by Patti (new)

Patti Roberts | 27 comments I was going to buy a fire until I learned that it didn't have text to speech so I bought the touch instead.

message 16: by Bridget (new)

Bridget | 15 comments I love the Kindle Fire. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. I haven't had any trouble with mine. It is easy to navigate and I would recommend it. I agree that you cannot compare the Ipad to the Fire. They are two different devices and meant to have different purposes.

message 17: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Thanks, everyone. Joan, my regular Kindle freezes up a lot too, so maybe all the kindles do. (Unfortunately.It's aggravating.)

message 18: by Joan (new)

Joan (jomarcho1) | 30 comments My regular Kindle never freezes up. I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with the wireless provider. I love my regular Kindle.

message 19: by James (new)

James Allen (james_allen) | 9 comments You can use a bluetooth keyboard with an iPad. Nice for word processing.

message 20: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Dahlke (rpdahlke) Joan wrote: "My daughter has the Fire and really dislikes it a lot. She says it locks up, doesn't like the way it handles and wished she had just gotten a regular Kindle and then an IPAD tablet. It also didn..."

I do trust Kim Comando's recommendations! They don't call her the Tech Goddess for nothin!

message 21: by Eric_W (last edited Mar 17, 2012 11:45AM) (new)

Eric_W (ericw) These kinds of comparisons border on silly because the iPad and Fire don't compete and were never intended to compete. They serve different purposes. Being a hardware and software junkie, I have a Fire, Kindle3, Nook tablet, Nook Color rooted to Android Honeycomb v 3.1, an iTouch (iOS 5.1), an iPhone (iOS 5.1), and while I don't own an iPad (iPad2), I have used one a lot that belonged to a friend. The Fire (Android OS but modified) is a great reader and its integration with the Amazon store is fantastic. Many apps are available through the Amazon app store. The Nook tablet is a terrific reader if you are a devoted B&N ereader fan. It also is a proprietary form of Android OS (grouping of books into shelves is much better than either Kindle) and it has an SD slot which means it can easily be rooted (you can buy cards that do this and it doesn't violate the warranty) which turns it into a very nice little Android tablet and will dual boot into either. An Android tablet will permit loading any reader app so you can read Nook books, Kindle or Kobo or whatever including pdf's.

The iPad permits that as well, as does the iTouch (really just a small version of the iPad) although Apple has disabled any non-Apple app from direct ordering, i.e. if you are in the Kindle app on an Apple product you can't order Kindle books without leaving the app and going to the web and then sending it to the device in question. That's a pain but it works.

I have never had ANY of my devices lock up or freeze and I use them all the time. For reading in bed nothing beats the iTouch - very light and requires no external light source. For reading outside or during the day nothing beats the Kindle3 - all the tablets are subject to glare. For sitting in a dental office, nothing beats my iPhone which I just whip out of my pocket. All the kindle purchases sync to each device beautifully. Kobo and Nook purchase often don't sync from one app to the other as well. ALL of these devices (except the Kindle3 which has a lousy browser) will handle email, Netflix, Audible, calendar, music, some typing (although not great)so much will depend on your budget. By rooting a Nook tablet you have have a dual boot Nook reader and very nice 7" Android tablet. If you don't mind something heavier and larger and more expensive, then you'll be happy with an iPad.

Note that if I have any serious work to do like writing, grading, budgets or even reading multiple documents and listening to music while I work, nothing beats my Toshiba netbook which does everything really well and which I always take traveling.

Happy Reading! The choices are wonderful and everyone will find something that makes them happy.

message 22: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Interesting CNET article favors the Fire:

message 23: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Alaspa (bryanalaspa) | 25 comments I think the iPad probably is a little more useful if you want a device that can do work - like a PC. The Fire is an entertainment-bringer. It's great for books, movies, etc.

message 24: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (ben21) I wouldnt buy either. Id buy an android tablet like an acer Iconia. Ipad is handicapped by no flash. Fire is handicapped by amazon trying to make it basic.

For reading, nothing beats e ink kindles.

message 25: by Betsy (last edited Mar 31, 2012 01:38PM) (new)

Betsy I tend to agree with Benjamin. I have a regular kindle for reading. I use a desktop PC for work, e-mail and most browsing. And I have an ASUS android tablet -- with Amazon Prime -- for entertainment and occasional browsing.

message 26: by Ashley (last edited Apr 05, 2012 04:08PM) (new)

Ashley (ashleylaura87) | 89 comments I own both a first generation iPad and a Kindle fire. I love both devices for what they are, but the iPad is far superior in almost every way.

The only strength I'll give the Fire is the size of the screen when I'm reading in bed and don't feel like holding on to the iPad, which can get heavy over time. But the iPad is superior when I want to dim the screen in low light. The iPad goes so dim it's almost gives off no light when I use the Kindle reading app with a black background and white text. This is a monumental feature for someone who is a migraine sufferer and doesn't want to stare at a bright screen. The kindle screen brightness is not that different at the highest and lowest points.

From the get go my Fire has been buggy, doesn't always respond to the touch and text input is ridiculous. This is my first experience with Android and if this is the norm for an Android device, I just don't get why anyone could favor it.

I agree with the majority that you get what you pay for, the cost efficiency of the Fire is a trade off for a device that is not an elegant experience to use and is frequently frustrating. If all you wanted out of the device was book reading, it's satisfies on the most basic level (turning pages, buying amazon content) but anything above that, I'd prefer the iPad.

I have had my iPad for almost 2 years and the lack of flash has never been an issue.

I also have a regular Kindle keyboard and I much prefer that device to my Fire, but since the Fire is newer, I have grabbed it more lately (new toy!) but reading is more enjoyable on the e-ink display, and it may be used less once the novelty of a new toy wears off. I should note I bought my iPad, but both my Kindles were birthday gifts one year apart.

I never thought I'd read magazines on a tablet, but it's an awesome experience. I read 1 on the iPad and 2 on the Fire. Very cool!

All in all based on what your needs are, and personally knowing both devices extensively, I recommend an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard.

message 27: by Anika (new)

Anika (teddybear1) | 84 comments I love my kindle for reading if I want to watch a movie and listen to music or audiobook then I have the iTouch. I like the look of the iPad but I'm happy with what I have. For me the iPad is too expensive.

message 28: by Linore (new)

Linore (linrose) | 18 comments Thanks, Anika. I'm still on the fence, but I'll look into the iTouch because of what you said.: )

message 29: by Renee (new)

Renee | 14 comments Now there's the iPad mini to add to the mix. Love the small light weight size!

message 30: by Misty (new)

Misty | 1 comments I have a kindle keyboard, iPad mini, and an acer iconia a500 android tablet. I am torn between loving the iPad or the kindle for reading. I think the reading experience on the kindle is better due to the e-ink display but the convenience of carrying only one device in my purse means I have been falling on the iPad mini far more. The acer is great for watching movies or playing games, but it is just too large and heavy to comfortably read on for any length of time. One area the kindle wins in by far is the battery life. Going weeks without charging is a major perk. I see myself using my kindle on trips where I would like to read a lot, but for now if I had to choose one device out of the three it would be the iPad.

As for the kindle fire, I have tested them out both in store and those owned by friends. It is slow, for no good reason. The lag of movement is something that goes away when the device is rooted, but I am a believer that I shouldn't HAVE to root my device just for it to work. The flashy interface doesn't make up for lack of functionality.

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