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What type of rp?I'm up for anything

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Something New

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slave/master,world in need of hero,percy jackson,hogwarts,vampires vs werewolves,assasins and some others

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Kidnapped: Yes. But not forbidden or office romance. How`s that go?

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K I got it. So forbidden romance then?

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Teacher Student

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Name: Austin Fellows
Personality: nice,gentle, sarcastic,humorous
Looks: Dirty Blonde,green eyes,muscular

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The first bell rung,Mr Fellows walked out of the teacher's lounge and headed over to his classroom. It would be his first year of teaching high-school students. Austin was very nervous,since he was a 19 year old teacher, the other teachers would probably treat him like a kid. No,i'm not a kid, I'm a highly educated young man he said to himself. He walked into his class

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Mr. Fellows smirked as he saw a student walk in after the bell. He continued organizing his papers and finally stopped to face the class."Good Morning Students. Today, we'll be doing a small project called the"GTKEO"project. Each and every one of you will have to pair up in groups of two and state your similarities and differences."he said. The whole class stared at him,some whispering in others people's ears."You can pair up now"he said and they all stood up walking over to other people's desks.

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An hour later the second bell rang and the students rushed to the door,as usual."Amy Morris,I need to talk to you"he said as she was about to leave the class.

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"Your a beautiful young lady and an intelligent one but I didn't appreciate your chatting during the class"he said to her

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"I observed you chatting with your friend. It didn't look like you were working on the project but i'll let you go"he said

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"Y-Yes of course I did"he said

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"Matthew and a couple of other guys"he said quickly

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"Well.....Ok fine, I admit. I lied,there is no student named Matthew in this class,I just made the name up. I wanted to observe you, cause every teacher here says your one of the school's finest students"he said

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"Yeah,they did"he said

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He smiled."Sounds great,I'll have you then"he said.

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"Today if you'd like"he said

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"Great"he yelled as she left. The whole day went by faster then he expected.He had had a great time to socialize with his students. The last bell rung.

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He sat in his chair spinning around waiting for Amy.

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"Come in"he said

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He gave her a seat right in front of his desk .

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"I was wondering if you'd want some tutoring after school"he asked

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