Passion (Fallen, #3) Passion question

Luce and Daniel's Curse

The war started when they fell because Daniel choose Luce over it all and the fallen angels choose sides and Lucifer started a war against them and soon they kinda just turned on each other to where they fought and started the war but for the war and people to die for that to acutally start they need one more fallen angel to choose which would be Daniel and that would tip the scale to where they would start the war..and so there trying to get him to decide but i dont think Daniel isnt choosing because he doesnt want that to happen..and the big problem is the curse is stopped because she cant die when they fall in love or kiss or she relizes his true soul but because of that Lucifer wants to wipe the slate completly clean back to the fall so he can change the curse or something like tht and the curse started because the God in the book let Daniel have free will and choose he choose Luce and Love and i think not sure but i think God would let him fall and be with her or something like that but since Lucifer was there with him he told the lord there should be like some punishment so thats what started the curse and the reason Luce went thourgh the annoucer was eaither to find out about her and daniel and i think to stop the curse and there not worried about her getting old and dying cuz she is not close to that yet and they have bigger problems like.. Lucifer wyping the slate clean to where Daniel and Luce never met and she never excitsted! I dont know this is probally wrong and stuff im probally just babbling.. and all this stuff is wrong probally lol ha well at least this is what i thought tho tell me what yall think and tell me what is wrong in this please :)

its right

why are you guys confused?

Mary Pickrahn But the curse isn't stopped it? Shes trying to find a way to stop it. ...more
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am lost to like it all started as a curse of lovev and ended up as a war of the ages

Do you guys think Ms.Kate will actually end the book with Daniel and Luce not together when the hole series was about them? Also has any of Lauren Kates romantic novels ever end where the lovers dont end up together?

It didn't say the curse would be lifted, it said it would be up to Luce at that point to free them of the curse or to keep it going, but they never said how Luce could do that. I think it has something to do with her choosing absolutely to be with Daniel, but who knows.

And I think they are really worried about her dyeing, they went through a lot of keep her safe, all of the fallen. To keep her safe was why she was sent to the other school and why Daniel couldn't visit her.

And I think Luce was the one most concerned with lifting the curse anyways. The other's were just confused as to why this time was different.

This all just made me more confused. Can anyone try to explain this in a simple and clear way, please?

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