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message 1: by Brianna (new) - added it

Brianna | 4 comments Besides the title, the characters' names are also symbolic. Discuss the importance of names in the book. What is the significance of Stanley's name being a palindrome? Talk about the other names in the book, particularly the nicknames given to the boys at Camp Green Lake. Think about this and jot down some of your ideas. We will be doing an activity with this first thing on Wednesday.

Erica Roberson (enr127) | 4 comments I was so sad when the "Doctor" called everyone by their first names except for Zero. This showed that he had no respect for Hector.

I think what really touched me throughout the story is that Stanley taught Zero how to read. This eventually helped Stanley out in the long run because Zero discovered the suitcase had his name on it.

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara Presnell | 3 comments I think the fact that Stanley was named after his great-great grandfather ended up being extremely important, because the name on the suitcase was what allowed Stanley to have the right to it. I think the nicknames for the boys at camp were given because camp was an entirely different place for them. They were not the same people there as they were in the real world. This was a different world so it was appropriate that they were given new names. I also thought it was significant that it took Stanley's help for Zero to actually spell his real name.

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Bethany Vines | 5 comments Names are an important part of this book because they represent the transformation that the boys go through while they are at Camp Green Lake. For instance, Stanley is a very normal name that could possibly describe an average, young boy, but when the boy goes to camp he is called "Caveman", which makes him sound strong and fierce. His name being a palindrome is also significant because of the fact that it was his grandfathers name. There are many parallels throughout the book between the name "Stanley Yelnats" and the character Zero's great grandfather. In the end, the name Stanley Yelnats is what allows the boys to escape from Camp Green Lake.

Hannah | 2 comments The thing that stuck out to me about the names was that it seemed like the author was highlighting certain aspects of the characters with their names. An example of this is Zigzag. He was one character who was constantly going back and forth in the way that he treated Stanley. Zero was certainly treated with no respect, as if he were below everyone else. Even Stanley's last name is just a backwards version of his name which made me think about the transformation that he made in the book. In the beginning he was physically unfit and very unlucky. By the end of the book, he had become very strong and his luck completely turned around. To me, his name illustrates this because he's still the same person but is completely opposite of what he used to be in some areas.

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Moser (enmoser) | 5 comments In reading about the characters and their nicknames, I think the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that the nicknames joined the boys together. They were all really different characters, but in just having nicknames showed they were part of the community at Camp Green Lake. Stanley felt a sense of pride when he got the nickname "Caveman," not because it was a cool name but because it made him feel more respected. Some of the nicknames, like X-ray, were ironic (X-ray actually had really bad vision) and some were revealing to the what the character was like. I agree with Hannah in that Zigzag for example was "going back and forth" in his attitude toward Stanley. It's also ironic that Hector is called Zero, but he is a fast learner and naturally good at math, and he played a huge part with Stanley in getting the camp shut down.

message 7: by Margaret (new) - added it

Margaret Cobb | 6 comments Naming throughout Holes showed how nicknames can separate the boy from his position at Camp Green Lake. Instead of calling each other their given names, they made up names, whether relevant or not, so they were not completely connected to the disciplinary center. In addition, gaining a nickname was like gaining respect from the other boys, no matter what the nick name was. At first, Stanley thought that the nickname "Barf Bag" would be the worst nickname to have, but once he received the nickname "Caveman," he didn't think it would be that bad even to be called "Barf Bag." Stanley being named after his great-great-grandfather shows the familial ties and the connection to the story from the past that included Kissin' Kate Barlow and Hector Zeroni's great-great-grandmother.

message 8: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Jones | 3 comments Holes incorporates the symbolism of names in each character and location found in the story. For example, Zero's name symbolizes him as a loner with no family and no education with little to say. The name of Camp Green Lake symbolizes the vast life that used to be there and the abundance of treasure and mystery that still remains.

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