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House of Night series
Deb Deb Feb 26, 2012 05:30PM
Is House of Night Series as good as I heard? I just downloaded the first 3 books on my Nook.

YES ITS AWESOME! I love the series but you mightt get bored depends on who or what your type is it was amazing for me and they get way way way better at the 7-9 its gets the most exciting ever! So if you do get bored just please please keep reading its great series depends if you really are into it so if some might say not to or some say to people have diff opinions only you would know if you like it so i think you should because you might have a diff POV!! :)(pov stands for point of view just sayin)

Very boring series after the 4th or 5th books. The time periods in the books really bug me. For an entire book only a week will go by. It does not leave room for good character development or big events that need to occur.

I feel like she keeps dragging on the series. She needs to end it.

Deb, you'll be bored after the second one. The authors are very repetitive.

It's a shame because the story line is great.

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