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MollyRena .

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Witchy | 25 comments Deseray walked down a street lined with shops, her boots clicking lightly. Megan and manny ran about, causing havoc.

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Strange | 10 comments Sonje happily followed at Deseray's heels. It was nice to finally have some time on land, though it was odd for the ground beneath him to not be rocking in the waves.

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Witchy | 25 comments Megan came up behind Sonje, wooden sword in hand.
"Don't even think about it Meg," Deseray said not even turning around. She picked up a loaf of bread and bought twenty of them, making the man running the stand extremely happy."Oi Son," she said calling over her shoulder,"What would we get for dinner. And yes," she laughed,"It has to have bread."

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Witchy | 25 comments Deseray looked back at her and let out a laugh. She took her under her arm a patted her shoulder,"And whats wrong with ya?"

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Witchy | 25 comments "Aye, I know," she muttered,"An these sexist pigs don' help none."

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Witchy | 25 comments She put her hand on her heart and with pretend sadness,"Are you saying that my food is terrible?"

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Strange | 10 comments "It's all good, Art," Sonje smiled hesitantly, it was odd to be on a mostly female ship. So... not what he expected. "I'll make dinner tonight. Of course, with twenty loaves of bread, sandwiches are probably going to be it. Meat or something, I'm quite tired of fish."

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Witchy | 25 comments "How bout both," she said with a shrug.

"OI! BLOOMIN BRAT," Megan yelled at a boy twice her size. Manny was behind her with a large lump on his head,"YA NUTTER! DO YA REALLY THINK THAT YOU OF ALL PEOPLE CAN MESS WITH ME BROTHER?!? IS IT BECAUSE HIS HAIR IS RED?!? DO I NEED TO BEET YOU?!?!?" She gripped the widen sword in her hand tightly.

ღஐKendraღஐ James walked down the path whistling an old song he used to hear all the time when he was at home. He sighed seeming the see the comotion.

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Witchy | 25 comments Lost (break what wont bend) wrote: ""Oh dear . . . " Arterei glanced at Megan, "oh dear. I almost feel bad for the boy.""

"Let's see how this turns out," Deseray said.

"Who are you calling a Nutter," the boy said with a sharp jab to her chest. Megan's face was screwed with anger. "Don't put your sausage fingers on me!"

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Witchy | 25 comments A group of children circled around them whispering something.
"You won't do anything! Your a bloddy girl!"
A chorus of "Ohhs" where passed around in the circle and the heavy boy kept talking dew to mob mania,"I bet I could take you and your wimp brother on! With no weapons!"
Megan gave a look to Deseray and she nodded. She motioned for Manny to get up and the twins unsheathed their wooden swords.

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Strange | 10 comments Sonje sighed. "Is it really smart to encourage their violenc? It's no wonder pirates have so many enemies the way we-" He paused and his jaw dropped. "Oh my. Tawny Daley."

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Witchy | 25 comments Deseray looked over at him questionably while the twins beat the boy.

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Strange | 10 comments "Erm... it's... nothing." He watched as his brother strode about in his uniform.

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Strange | 10 comments "Erm... Sort of... Kind of... Brothers."

message 17: by Strange (new)

Strange | 10 comments "Well, he's part of the Guard."

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Witchy | 25 comments The boy from earlier ran past the group, crying. He had cuts and bruises.
"All hail the Twin Cyclones!"

message 19: by Strange (new)

Strange | 10 comments "Close enough. Deseray, no offense intended, but the garb probably isn't the best to be strutting around in right now." He herded the twins over and ruffled their hair. "Don't be bullies."

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