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Are there too many Jane Eyre movies?
Leslie Leslie Feb 26, 2012 04:20PM
So here I find myself enraptured with yet another screen adaptation of dear Jane Eyre. I wonder, will there ever come a time when I will have seen enough of these? Could there ever be enough of these movies? I think not. What do you all think? Are we done with these Jane Eyre movies or should there be one every few years till the end of time?

My favourite version is the 2006 BBC adaptation, with Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester; it is extremely close to the original novel. I love it! Toby (the real-life son of Dame Maggie Smith) is an incredible actor – he manages to bring a humour, vulnerability and sensitivity to Rochester (whereas some actors make him too rude, aggressive and grouchy). It is well worth a watch!

I hope lots of adaptations are made… as long as they stick closely to Charlotte Bronte’s original text. I really hate it when they ruin a classic by being too artsy-fartsy. Hopefully, the more films made, the more people will pick up the book and discover the joys of reading an amazing timeless novel!

Alexandra I am agree with you, I think this it's the best version! ...more
Nov 14, 2013 05:07AM

Yes there are. it is like they do a new one every few years. I am surprised they don't do a "disney kid" version. and make it modern era. {please don't]

I recently watched the new Jane Eyre and I was completely flabbergasted at how they removed her struggling years and just gave the audience flash back of the young Jane. It seems as though none of the modern/ new directors are capable of capturing the complexities of Jane Eyre's life. So to answer the qusetion.....Yes, they are making far too many Jane Eyre films & making a mess of them.

I love the book so very much. With every different adaptation I find new meaning to it.

I would like to see one, just one that follows the book from beginning to end. The BBC mini series did it pretty well.

You mean can there ever be too many?

No, there should be even more. Jane eyre should be portrayed over and over.

My favourite adaption of Jane Eyre was the 2011 one. Mia Wasikowska was really good as Jane.

I personally wish that film makers could be more original with their stories. I mean, I loved the Wasikowska version, but I wish that more filmmakers would come up with their own stories.

I have spoken to many people who read the book as young children. I agree with one comment that the Fassbender version is excellent, except I felt the early Jane Eyre in it was miss-cast; not intense enough. Jane Eyre has incredible depth of character and a developing emotional insight. Also Ellie's comment that bits are left out and not tackled. There are at least five of Christopher Booker's Seven Basic Plots in this story!

I have just written a sequel entitled Bertha's Journal. Out this year on Amazon.

It's impossible for there to be too many. I've seen at least eight versions of it (that's how many I've rated at IMDB). My favorite is the Timothy Dalton version. When I was sick with the flu five years ago and didn't have the energy to do anything for a full week, I watched Jane Eyre repeatedly. I kept a copy of the book beside me and kept comparing the movie to the book. So much of the dialogue was straight from the book. My next favorite is the 1973 BBC edition. I don't like any of the others nearly as much as I like those two BBC editions.

I don't think there can ever be enough movie adaptations of Jane Eyre. I own several, and I'll watch every one that comes out. It's just a timeless story. ;-)

Personally, the most recent version of Jane Eyre is my favorite because I feel it is the most faithful to the book. The way that Mia Wasikowska portrays Jane is exactly how I envisioned her in my head - strong yet gentle, meek yet a force with which to be reckoned. And Rochester (as portrayed by Michael Fassbender) is PERFECT - noble but incredibly flawed. I absolutely adore this adaptation, so I would be completely satisfied if there was never another film version.

Never! More please. I love them. They just make them too short now.

I like that there are so many movies because it's such a complex bookt that I don't think you can make a movie incorperating every level. You just gotta take one and run with it, which is why each version has something which it does better than any of the others. The only version I don't like is the 2011 one because they take the essential thing away, that Jane and Mr Rochester aren't attractive people, they don't need to be and they shouldn't have glamourized it. Otherwise it's a good film but not a good book adaptation.


I think there are. It's my favorite book, but the only movie versions I've liked are the Timothy Dalton version (really only b/c it was perfectly true to the book, down to all the best lines), and the 1996 version with Charlotte Gainesbourg and William Hurt. I LOVED that one and have never seen a better Jane & Edward.

Wondering what people think of the prequel: Wide Sargasso Sea; published in 1966?...

Good source material like Jane Eyre is always adapted over and over. It's a sign of how fantastic it is!

I read Jane Eyre after seeing the really old version in which Orson Wells played Rochester. I was captivated by his portrayal. Unfortunately Joan Fontaine doesn't pull off the feistiness of Jane. BTW... Elizabeth Taylor plays Jane's friend Helen.

I personally love the Toby Stevens (plays Mr. Rochester) one. It is by far and large my ultimate favorite and shows parts none of the other movies do. My biggest beef is that it did have Mr. Rochester play the gypsy himself... but then Toby Stevens is big man and it'd be hard to make him look like a woman.
I love St. John in that too, I believe that is the single most accurate portrayal of him :)
Just my opinion... And no, there can never be too many Jane Eyre movies, as long as they are good... I don't want a bunch of stupid, badly portrayed, badly written Jany Eyre movies floating around there somewhere in the film universe.

One of my faves!!! I love the movie too....but only the Orson Wells, Joan Fontain version. It can never be topped (in my humble opinion) and any new version they attempt falls flat!! Orson Wells was the BEST Edward Rochester. Can't touch him ;-)

Not for me. I will just continue to avoid the William Hurt version. He is not Rochester to me!

I've read all the books, seen every version of all the movies from the black and white silent till now, so yes there are many films and there are a few films for every book.

Thanks for the info at your website, Dave. I enjoyed your comments, especially, since they come the closest to mirroring my own opinions. The 1973 and 1983 versions are my favorites. I think that it is very difficult to tell the whole story with a much shorter version. However, I have enjoyed every version and I agree that each has something to offer.

Until a definitive version is made, who everyone agrees is the best, they will continue making new ones. And since no one will ever agree that any one version is the definitive one, I think we can rest assured that they will continue to make new ones every so often. And I will continue to watch them, since, as Maggie stated, it is such a timeless story.

I've enjoyed watching every version. Can't get enough of Jane Eyre. I really liked the current version with Mia.

I loved the Ciaran Hinds version because he was also my favorite Captain Wentworth so I'm easy. The newest version was wonderfully done. I would go see a new version if one was made.

Carey I really liked the version with Ciaran as Rochester. I agree with Sharon and Jenna. That version portrays the book better.
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There are way way way too many Jayne Eyre films, it all needs to calm down. Someone above said they do a new one every couple of years, really? It seems to me like once every few weeks!My favourite version is the old, original black and white one and that is that for me!

It is very interesting and entertaining watching different film versions of the same book, so no there are not too many.

I enjoyed reading the book very much.

It seems as if they make a new one every five years or so. : )

I blogged the Jane Eyres, too. Pre-warning: I love 2011 and I hate 1983. http://culturalcivilian.wordpress.com...

I don't think there can ever be too many Jane Eyre movies as long as they are accurate. I can't stand inaccurate movies.

Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books!

I've seen every version and at one time, sought them out so that I could see them-looking for the best one.

For me, the 1973: Sorcha Cusack as Jane, Michael Jayston as Rochester BBC version is my favorite.

i do wish that Jane could have been younger in this version but Sorcha got the understatedness,(is this a word?), sly humor and quiet almost imperceptible emotions wonderfully.

Michael Jayston played Rochester to perfection! he has the perfect watchful eye, acerbic wit, neediness, and passionate love that so many of the other interpretations do not have. i find most of the time Rochester is played too darkly.

I will keep searching out any new version in the future. i love comparing and contrasting them and I am always ready for a new interpretation!

There are certainly too many Jane Eyre movies but I think it a portrayal of how a TIMELESS classic should be. Timeless, that is to be repeated still with the same indulgence over and over again.

What do you say? It is and will forever be worth a watch.

I have not been satisfied with any of the versions I have seen. If they would make a really good version that didn't leave anything out I would say MAKE IT!

I've read the book so many times that I've lost track and I've seen all of or bits of many screen versions.

I own the Timothy Dalton/Zelah Clarke version and have watched it so many times now, that my DVD just recently started showing signs of wear. I find that Timothy Dalton mastered Rochester's mood swings very well. His drama is what I imagine when I first read the book.

I also own the Michael Fassbender/Mia Wasowska version because, though it doesn't go in the exact order of the book, it's an incredibly well done adaptation, in my opinion. So much unspoken emotion portrayed and the music is absolutely perfect.

I've seen the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson version and enjoyed it, but I felt they took a few liberties that I didn't appreciate. Other than that, I liked it so much I've watched it about four times.

So far, though, if I can boycott one version, I have to say it's the one with George C. Scott. I was between laughing, crying and gagging through most of it when I watched at the age of 15. He's WAAY too old and has NO ability to portray the true Rochester. I was "totally grossed out".

I think I will always enjoy watching new screen adaptations of this book just to see what new directors and actors do with it. Since it's my favorite book of all time, I will always look forward to watching and owning the next one.

Different strokes for different folks. Each director and screenwriter (and cast) portrays the story uniquely, and some of us never tire of seeing new versions. (It's great when Bronte's vision is realized with lots of fidelity and detail, as in 1973 and 1983, but a five-hour non-glossy serialized movie is not to everyone's taste ....)

For my in-depth reviews of nine film versions of Jane Eyre, please visit my website: http://JaneEyre.net.

I think that becasue there are so many versions, the standard is high, so it puts pressure on the new movie.

no, books like this (so popular) should be made millions of times, cause no matter how good a film adaptation is theres always a part that isnt quite right or they miss out a scene that you thought was really significant, with lots of adaptations everyone can have one that reflects how they felt about the book.

No, there are not too many Jane Eyre movies because they still have not gotten it right. lol When they get it right, they can stop making them. :)

Oh, lots of movies, please! I'm not sure which version I like the best, but it is always intriguing to see a new one.

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Here's an overview by Hannah Sternberg of the many movies made of Jane Eyre. http://istoriabooks.blogspot.com/2011...

You might also enjoy this retelling set in 1920's Hollywood. http://amzn.to/npi0mu

Jane eyre has definitely been one of my favorite books. I got scared when i first picked it up but loved it so much.I think the more movies they make the merrier.

i personally don't think the films are as good as the book, but that's just me

NO. I've only seen two, but I never get tired of the story. Each version is different and that's why I could watch all of them and say "Please make more!!"

I do think the 2011 version is the best, though. I think people dislike it because they're comparing it to the book too much. Taken alone, simply as a film, it is a masterpiece. I think that it is a succesful adaptation, remaining true to the spirit of the book without being an exact copy. I appreciated that it didn't dwell too much on the Gothic aspects of the story, and I think Mia Wasikowska is the perfect Jane. Not to mention Michael Fassbender as Rochester, OH MY GOD. I was literally dying. (I think he played the part very well, and differently than anyone else had done it - for the first time Rochester seemed human instead of a tragic hero.)
I must say, though, that the ending - I was watching it with my sister and she started crying when she saw that he was blind. I had to explain to her afterwards that he gets his sight back.
Afterwards, though, I thought that perhaps it was the more poignant with him remaining blind, I haven't decided yet.

Generally speaking I would say yes. However, I did like the most recent version of Jane because it showed a portion of the novel no one else had really touched base on. If someone is going to re-make a movie based on a novel, it makes sense if they are going to make it more to the original story. However, I don't think anyone holds a candle to the actors who played in the 1944 version - Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine were Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester.

I've just read the book having seems lots of film versions over the years. The book was ok but I think it makes a much better film. So yes, more film versions please.

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