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ARCHIVE 2012 > Mar 2012 - Chapters 7-11 *may contain spoilers*

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message 1: by Tatum (new)

Tatum | 459 comments I am surely glad that Lyra made it away from Mrs. Coulter and found the gyptians. I wasn't particularly surprised to find out that Lord Asriel was her father, but it did come as a shock that Mrs. Coulter was her mother.

I am also glad that the relationship between people and their daemons was explained a lot more in this section. I now feel I have a much better handle on the book.

That alethiometer (sp?) is quite something isn't it. Almost also a future seeing device as well as a truth device?

And I love that armored bear... I don't know why, just something about him.

message 2: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 766 comments I just finished chapter 11 and yes Iorek the armored bear is great! I don´t really feel like reading this book, but when I do pick it up I just keep reading. I think it´s just the fact that I have so many books I haven´t read before waiting for me :) I will surely get through this book in the weekend though.

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) I love that they explained the daemons more this section. It really helped me understand what the heck was going on with everyone having animals follow them around!

message 4: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 766 comments I just thought it was really cool the first time I read it :)

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