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Where the Book/Series is going...
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From the Authors Website;

Lissa expected her life as Queen of Le-Ath Veronis to run smoothly. At least for a little while. Reality has a way of intruding on even the most idyllic of circumstances. Complications arise in the form of creatures created by the Ra'Ak, who now seem bent on destroying the universe, one planet at a time. The former Ra'Ak and Elemaiya who were left on Kifirin are determined to rebel; vampires are clamoring for entertainment and other distractions, and family that Lissa never suspected she had show up - some of them in the most unexpected of ways. Lissa has to juggle all the difficulties in her life, all while dealing with the ugliest of betrayals.

Do you consider this the way to go for this series?

I think the author made a massive mistake in creating a planet that had nothing but vampires and Soon to be vamps. I don’t think we need to go too far into Society structure to know this is crazy, (especially the part where the old vamps bought all their wealth with them)

Also what kind of threat can the Former bad guys be? There powerless humans now, VS The Demons/Vamps/Weres/Dragon & Co.

Would the series have been better served if the book jumped ahead XXX amount (EG 500) of years?

Maybe she could introduce some other planet of dimensional bad guy to fight against.

Yes the book is different than others and yes I also think that it's a base for next books but frankly I don't really care because I love the book just like previews ones! I love Lissa and her mates and now that my favorite werewolf will be back I can't wait for next one. Did I thought that the series go this way? No, and that's the beauty of it all. You never know where CS world will take you.
In this book Lissa can finally make her own decisions, yes she is still directed by someone but she can say "no" and not be afraid of a punishment. People are starting to listen to her (except for Gabron but he paid the price for that one for now) and now she's the one who knows more than others not other way around.
So like I already said - I loved the book and I'm waiting for the next one :D

This book was a little tough. It was pretty dark. I see this book as character/plot building. If CS had just made the while book about life being normal it wouldn't have flowed though. It would be unrealistic. So dispite it being different from all the previous books (at least in my opinion) it was a base builder I think.
I agree that I'm not loving all being on Le Ath Veronis vs. how it was on Earth but I think it is headed in a good direction. CS is never predictable! Love that!

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