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The wonderful fresh new indie authors you've found
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Who are some of your favorite authors indie authors you've found? I just finished reading the third of Kathleen Brook's Bluegrass series. She's one of my favorites I've found sio far. We could all learn about character development from her.

I could see just from the first to the third book how much she has already grown as an author. It's hard to believe tese are her first books. I look foward to reading more of her.

I've loved Kathleen Brooks books. I haven't read all but will as soon as I have a little extra money. Another Indie author that I call master of character development is Elle Casey. She writes various genres. I also like Deborah Brown. She's a bit steamy but her characters are tons of fun!

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The two authors I am most hooked on are Shelly Fredman* who writes the There's No Such Thing As a.... and JD Nixon* who has two series, Heller, 4 books so far, and Little Town, two books with one more due out this summer--I think of this as the Blood Ties series.

Love Kathleen Brooks*, Sandra D. Bricker, and Ann Everett* (She only has one books so far but it will be part of a series.)
(Just a note: *These authors include sexual tension or sexual content in their writing.)

I love the strength of the main characters, the interaction of the characters, and the humor of the books.
My husband gave me my Nook as a birthday gift because I have more and more problem holding books, but the best thing about it is the chance to meet these indies, some of who do not yet have books in prints.

Monica JD Nixon is one of my new favorite authors and I really emjoyed the Bluegrass series by Kathleen Brooks, I also love Kristen Ashley books (she has sev ...more
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Jeanie Jackson I'll check out Kristen Ashley. Thanks ...more
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I totally agree. I have now read all that she has out and am patiently waiting for the next one.

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