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GonnaWingIt | 70 comments ((SHHH!!! :)
[image error] Do tell. IS IT BEAUTIFUL OR WHAT!?))

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(William works here, for future reference.)
William is standing around on the bottom floor with a large stack of books that somebody asked him to find.
"Ye olde cookbook?" Will mutters. "Gelatin warfare?"
He keeps muttering until he finds the bookcases with the books.
An old man walks up to him. "Excuse me sir, but I have a request for several books, would you mind collecting them?"
"Which ones?" asks William.
"Oh, all the old cooking book classics. Gelatin warfare, Ye olde cookbook, those ones...." his voice trails off.
"Here they are, Mister... L.N. Scott?"

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments (((Hmmm, lemme think… OH MY GOODNESS, THAT IS SOOO PRETTY!!! Where'd you find that picture?))))

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After giving the old man a trolley and some books, William calls in and leaves, thinking of getting some coffee and heading to the forest. He knows that he's usually the only one there and he can think straight.

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Renne bumps into William on his way out, causing him to drop his books. Ohhhhhh I'm so sorry William.

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"No problem, Renne." He pauses. "I haven't seen you in here for a while. What gives?"

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"I went on a vaca to Disney with my fam!!!!"

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"Ahhh. Well, I'm off for the day. See ya!"

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Lyss (lyss4music) | 97 comments Aidan entere the library and started browsing the shelf.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments Mira followed Aidan carefully, looking a bit scared. After all, Aidan was four years older than her- and a bit of a bad boy.

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments Char pops out from behind a bookcase, carrying a large bag. "Hi, Mira!" Mira looks around and in that time, Aidan vanishes into the shelves. The bag Char is carrying seems to be hopping.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "Char. Good afternoon. What… what is in that bag?" Mira asks nervously.

message 14: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "Oh, nothing much." The bag makes a large grunt. "It's just part of my project for school."

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "A 'project for school'. Of course."

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William comes back into the library, looking around the shelves. He bumps into Mira and Char. "Ahh, hello char! Good to see you, Mira! How are you both?"

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "Oh, hello William!" Mira says happily. "I'm fine, thank you very much!"

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments Suddenly, the bag tears open. A huge cat bursts out, looking angry. It sees William and leaps onto his head. "No, Jewel, no!" Char tries to get her mom's cat off William's head.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "Oh!" Mira cries. She rushes over to William. "Oh, dear, I hope that monster doesn't scratch him. And you, Char, had better hope that as well!" She glared at Char as she tried to shoo the struggling, hissing cat off poor William's head.

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"Aggh!" William staggers. He pulls her off. "Jewel. While it is nice to see you, I don't like things crawling through my hair. Got it?" If cats can look sheepish, this one did.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments ((((Hahahahahahhaha!!! LOL!))))

message 22: by Geneva (last edited Mar 02, 2012 05:27PM) (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "Bad, Jewel. Sorry, William, are you ok? Char picks up the cat as a librarian hurries over. "Don't be loud in the....." She notices Char with William and Mira and smiles. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know this was a C.I."

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"Char, I don't think you're allowed pets in here. I am a librarian, and the library rules are in my mind." William straightens his glasses.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "A…C.I.?" Mira asks speculatively.

(((What the COOKIES is a C.I.???)))

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(( In librarian, either cookie incident or cat incident. I speak librarian.))

message 26: by Geneva (last edited Mar 02, 2012 05:32PM) (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "It means 'Char Incident.' There's one every week." The librarian looks at Jewel. "I know for sure cats aren't allowed here. Char, take your cat out of here."

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William glances at the cat. "Every three days in the school holidays. It's rather annoying." He glares meaningfully at Char.

message 28: by ❀ Sariah ❀ (new)

❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "Yes, I suppose there are Char Incidents every week. And, yes, Char, do take the cat out of this lovely, PEACEFUL library!

(((Heehee… Char Incident/cookie incident/cat incident… you speak libarian, Gavriel? LOL!!)))

message 29: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "What?" As Char looks back, Jewel leaps free and runs into the selves. "JEWEL!!!!" Char yells, chasing after the cat.

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(( Yes. It's in the blood.))

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"Damned cat." Will mutters as he chases after it.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "Horrible cat," Mira murmurs.

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"Bloody (Mutter mutter mutter) Cat!" William cuts off the cat and grabs it.

message 34: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments Char races into the selves and accidentally bonks into a old lady carrying a stack of books. As she topples, the books knock over a young girl next to her. The girl stumbles, tripping a librarian. A few minutes later, everyone in the section is either laying on their backs or is looking dizzy.

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William sighs. "Char, we're going to have to ban you. Final warning. Then..."

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "And then there shall only be bread and water for supper for you, Char!" Mira moans from the shiny, polished floor, rubbing her head.

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William pulls her off and puts her in a nearby rubbish bin. He themn starts to wheel it outside after weighting it so jewel can't get our.

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Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "Why?" Char looks puzzled as she takes out a small bag full of catnip. Jewel begins to hiss and spit even more.

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William throws the catnip in the bin. "This is the 20th time. You have had enough warnings."

message 40: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "Come on, Jewel." Char picks Jewel up and leaves, muttering, "And I didn't even find out the effects of catnip on large cats."

message 41: by ❀ Sariah ❀ (new)

❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "You… should… be… punished… for… bringing… that...cursed…cat... Char… only… bread… and… water… for… supper," Mira tells Char angrily- the cat clearly knocked her out of breath.

(((You didn't throw ME in the rubbish bin, did you, William (okay, Will got too weird for me, your character is much more of a William than a Will! Even if his middle name IS Will!!)? You threw the cat away, didn't you? I certainly hope so!)))

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William raises his eyebrows.

message 43: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments Char turns around. "Hey, guys. Want to help me get Jewel home?" Meanwhile the cat is clawing Char's arm to shreds, leaving long bloody stripes.

message 44: by ❀ Sariah ❀ (last edited Mar 02, 2012 06:00PM) (new)

❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments "I was jesting, William," Mira says quickly, ignoring Char.

(((Whoah, haven't heard the phrase "jesting" since the book "Thornspell"- which was, of course, set in the Medieval times, a hundred billion gajillion years ago (and the time period Mira is in!)!!! )))

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( Would I throw a person in a rubbish bin? No, it was the cat.)

message 46: by ❀ Sariah ❀ (last edited Mar 02, 2012 06:01PM) (new)

❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments (((Okay, yeah, that was pretty dumb of me… but it'd be hilarious if you DID throw me in a rubbish bin! Only, you should test out how funny it is on someone else, first….)))

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(If you want.)

message 48: by ❀ Sariah ❀ (new)

❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 221 comments (((Um, yeah, okay, we're done with this!! (I say as I ROFL) )))

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(Of course, if it was funny, I would do it to you afterwards, but still.)

message 50: by Geneva (new)

Geneva (firedragon1) | 125 comments "Hello? Are you going to help me?" Jewel is now tearing into her elbow with her teeth.

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