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Maddie For my English class we read All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. I am completely lost on what to do for the essay since all I'm coming up with seems like the exact opposite of what my teacher expects to see. The prompt is as following:

What people carry tells a lot about them. Sometimes what they don't carry also tells something about them. We carry both tangible and intangible items. In your essay be sure to discuss this idea as a Hook. Develop a thesis. Examine what Paul would have brought into the war (both tangible and intangible) and what, had he lived, he would have brought out of the war. Be sure to come to a conclusion.

Caution: Do not write what you would have brought - you are to be focused on the character of Paul Baumer. Given his personality which you have come to know, you can identify what he would have brought because all soldiers would bring that, what he may have brought given his personality. Similarly do not write what you would have brought out, but what Paul, given what you have learned about him, would have brought out.

The only thing I have come up with is one item he would have brought out of the war. That would be Kemmerich's boots, which later belonged to Muller and ultimately made their way to Paul Baumer. I am completely lost on this essay and as I need a very good paper to bring my grade up from a B+ (which I know is not really a big deal, but I'm striving to get straight A's this semester), I would appreciate any and all ideas.

Thank you! :)

Fred i'd browse through the chapter where he visited home to find an intangible he would have brought with him. it's been too long since i've read it to recall details like that. seems like a good teacher!

Eric It's been some time since I read this book, but I recall some disillusionment that could possibly be described in terms of ideology that he brought with him as opposed to what he would have brought back had he lived...if you're looking for something intangible, this would seem to me the most obvious. Good luck.:)

Sara I read this 13 years ago. From what I can remember it is mainly about disillusionment. Paul is recruited when he is in High School at first there is a sense of national pride, honor, valor, call of duty, etc.. As the war wages on he realizes all the glamorizing of the start of the war isn't really how war is. It's all about death and surviving. I think if I remember right Paul goes home and everyone is proud of him, yet he can't relate to anything that's going on. The other scene that plays out in my mind is when he kills someone and looks through the man's wallet? I think that was a turning point when Paul realizes that there isn't an enemy. All that they had been taught about an "Enemy" was wrong, it is just another human being like himself. As for what would Paul take back if he had survived...PTSD!

+Chaz Memories! What would have saddened Paul if he lived? It would have been the sight of all the empty seats in the classrooms knowing what they represented.
Soldiers of war remember their first wallet moment. Its memory is a dance of a thousand nights. One does not take memories home, they follow you
home--Remarque understood that.

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Ron Bronk I remember Paul talked about the Front being a cage, and he also talked about the chances to survive that each man gets. So he might come away from the war, had he lived, with the drawing of the bird, a cage with bayonets all around, and dice.

Going into the war, he would carry his little sketch book.

Tommi180744 Brought in: Mental luggage - Innocence, Patriotism, Nervousness for his Conduct in Training, his Behaviour in Battle and toward Comrades, Hope of Survival, Memory of Family, Memory of School.
Physically: Almost nothing at all - Soldiers come to understand only their Kit & Weapons matter if they want to stay alive.
Unsure what Paul could have taken out - he was killed - unreasonable of your teacher to ask for empathy on a dead body! Unless in your notes he's referring to when he went home On Leave - in that case - Desperation not Let-on how bad it was, Anger at Home front misunderstanding him, Appalled at ability to Enjoy a joke alongside sickening grief for those he left in the trenches - and possibly the clap from dalliances with French maidens!

Monty J Heying Maddie wrote: "For my English class we read All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. I am completely lost on what to do for the essay since all I'm coming up with seems like the exact opposite of w..."

Sounds like your teacher has read, and wants you to read, Tim Obrien's The Things They Carried.

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