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message 1: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier Everything, from the characters to the story, unfolding like a perfectly blooming flower, is gripping.

message 2: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinlooloo) I haven't seen the American version yet, but I really enjoyed the Swedish version. It was well done, and was a good interpretation of the movie. I got lost occasionally, because of subtitles. Other than that, I thought it was a good movie.

message 3: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier Yes, this is the review of the Swedish version. I don't think I'll ever going to see the American version. I'm not fond of Fincher and I don't think his vision of the world goes well with the original female empowered story.

message 4: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinlooloo) I thought that the Swedish version really captured the book.

message 5: by Shona (last edited Feb 28, 2012 07:10PM) (new)

Shona Marshall | 1 comments I loved the Swedish version also. It was very close to the books and Lisbeth looked and was portrayed exactly as I had envisioned her while reading. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed reading the books.

I haven't seen the American version. The Lisbeth in it seems more on the darker side though.

message 6: by Sooze10 (new)

Sooze10 | 7 comments I have seen both versions and loved them both. They emphasize different aspects of the film which was intersting but the dark music and effects in the american version enhanced the story a little for me - which surprised me as I usually prefer originals.

But of course nothing beats the book.....

message 7: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier I can only imagine what aspect of the book Fincher's went for. I can only imagine because I've no fondness for his dark, haunted take on women, who seem to be around only to hinder a man's path. Horrendous and baffling. (I think Fincher could benefit from some counselling).

message 8: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 176 comments Poor Stieg Larsson. Just before he died a few years back, his editor says that he realized that the books were a "hit." But holy mackerel, now the sales and popularity of his work have gone stellar, along with him.

message 9: by Richard (new)

Richard | 9 comments I thought the Swedish version more closely captured the book and edginess of Lisbeth. And the follow-on Swedish version films continued to deliver.

message 10: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinlooloo) I need to watch the 2nd and 3rd Swedish films. Luckily they're free to stream with Amazon prime. I haven't seen the American version yet.

message 11: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier Good point. I might watch one tonight. I'm just in the mood for some Swedish charm ;) The weather is right for a film in anyway and I'm too tired to go anywhere (woke up at 4am). Thanks for that. Let us know what you think of the two flicks. Have a great weekend :)

message 12: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 176 comments The Swedish films are amazing! Totally off the charts!

message 13: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier I agree, Jim. Certain European films have a flavour that the American ones just don't have either because of marketing or culture.
PS Watched the girl who played with fire last night. I still prefer the first one, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

message 14: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinlooloo) I started to watch TGWPWF about 6 months ago, but stopped half way through. I had the same problem with the book. It got a bit boring in the middle. I didn't read it for a couple months, and then picked it up again. I might try to watch the movie again.

message 15: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier Yah, same here, Laurin, got a bit bored with it. I didn't find it as gripping or even as 'out there' as the first one and it seemed to me the sex and car chase and other 'action' scenes were in to appeal to a wider audience rather than to add something to the story. (PS I did read that Larsson reluctantly threw in a few sex scenes to please the public or was it the editor? ;) )

message 16: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinlooloo) As soon as I finished the second book, I drove to the store and bought the 3rd. I couldn't wait to read it.

message 17: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier Watched The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest last night. I liked it nearly as much as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I found it gripping and back to the story rather than to how to please a wider audience like the second film tried to do. Recommend it.

message 18: by Brandon (new)

Brandon So, is the general opinion here that the Swedish versions of the book are better? I loved the 2011 version, and the book was awesome ( I have yet to read the other two) but would you guys recommend the Swedish over the American?

message 19: by Ethan (new)

Ethan Brandon wrote: "So, is the general opinion here that the Swedish versions of the book are better? I loved the 2011 version, and the book was awesome ( I have yet to read the other two) but would you guys recommend..."

I disagree that the Swedish beat the American. The American stays more closely to the book, and Lisbeth looks like I imagined her. Fincher's "dark view" of the world actually compliments this story well.

message 20: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier I haven't seen the American version, but the Swedish version is amazing and true breath of fresh air as far as the characters go. I don't think the Americans would be able to pull that out. They can't.

message 21: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 176 comments Hey! WE can do anything! Maybe put Tom Cruise in the show! HA!

message 22: by L.J. (new)

L.J. Monier I've no doubt about that, Jim. However, different countries different mentality and that means different approach to life and art. That's the beauty of variety. :)

message 23: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 176 comments I was kidding :(

message 24: by John (new)

John (jkbrown2) | 389 comments I think I preferred the Swedish version of the movie, but I did enjoy the American version as well. It was probably closer to the novel and included more detail. I'm looking forward to watching it again to see if my opinion changes.

message 25: by John (new)

John (jkbrown2) | 389 comments I watched the American version again over the weekend and I think my original opinion was unfair. When I watched it the first time I had just watched the Swedish version again and I think that clouded my judgement. Seeing it again with a more open mind, I really did like Fincher's version. It's hard to say which is better, I love them both.

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