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GonnaWingIt | 70 comments ((Here:

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Kassandra Patti " Here it is!" She said turning to see both Amanda and Liam following her. " Isn't it lovely!" She said in a british accent

message 3: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 31 comments "What's with the British accent?"

message 4: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti " I don't know i just love doing it and im kindda fascinated with there accent!" She said looking away from him

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Kassandra Patti " I like the way you put that Amanda! That's why were friends!" She said laughing

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Trevor | 31 comments (No i didnt)

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Trevor | 31 comments (Im sorry i am laughing, its just me being a blond)

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Kassandra Patti Kaylee stopped laughing and took deep breaths trying to calm herself.
" So what do you guys want to do now?" She asked looking around. The place was diserted which was wierd becuase it was usually full

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Trevor | 31 comments "I want to go on the swings!!!!!!!!"

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Trevor | 31 comments "I havent gone on one since i was 7 because i was obese and broke the swing :("

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Kassandra Patti " Alrighty then." She said walking towards the two swings that were further into the park.
"You guys should go on the swings i'll sit on the rock right there!" She said motioning towards a boulder a few feet away from the swings

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Kassandra Patti " Well it doesnt show now that you were obese." She said looking at his muscular figure.

message 13: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti " No problem!" She said walking towards the boulder.

((I'll brb gunna go eat)))

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Kassandra Patti (((k im backk!!))

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Kassandra Patti ((( Supp!!)))

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Kassandra Patti " Sure thing!" She said following Amanda to the lake

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