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Nature > Sky (This is if you are for some reason (such as flying your pegasus) airborn and you don't know where to go.)

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Rosalie laughed as Cocoa did a few spins and dives. At one point he lost control and she fell into the lake, but in a few minutes of flying with strong wind blowing through her hair, she was once again dry.

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Cocoa neighed an apology. Rosalie smiled and took a carrot from her pocket, dropping it toward the big house below, Cocoa immediatly dived. Rosalie was like a falling rock, with her hair whipping behing her and butterflies doing 360s in her stomack. Skimming the roof, Cocoa clenched the carrot between his teeth and rose back toward the clouds. He stopped his showing off for a moment as he threw his carrot in the air and then caught it, the big orange stick disappearing down his throat. Rosalie patted his neck and he landed by the stables with a snort. He grnted unhappily as he trotted back into his stable.
"I'll see you later." Rosalie promised.
"Nei-eeeeiighhhh!!!" Cocoa whined

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Camp Half-Blood Ω (ΓΑΝΠ ΘΑΜΖ-ΒΜΝΝΔ)

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