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Rebecca Weinstein (rweinstein6) | 6 comments Yesterday during my ongoing free promotion, Nashoga jumped from its normal #1400 spot on Amazon to #286 within a matter of about 6 hours. It's now hovering around #300. Just thought I'd share. And of course, it's still free if you want to pick up a copy.

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Rebecca Weinstein (rweinstein6) | 6 comments Thanks!
in response to @Serena's comment, there's lots of good books up at Smashwords for discount/free this week for Read An Ebook Week. Make sure you drop by and check some out!

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John Waterman (writerjohn) | 5 comments "48 Hours to Chaos" won a best-book-of-the-year award at, for nonfiction published in 2011.

48 Hours to Chaos: An Engineer Looks at Life and How the World Really Works

For more info, check out my website:

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