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What is Your Favourite Dragon (any book)?

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Mikaela Mine's probably a swedish shortsnout or Norweigan Ridgeback. What about you?

Occamy Potter Occamy My favorite dragon would be the Peruvian Vipertooth,
Norwegian Ridgeback aka Baby Norbert, and the
Antipodean Opaleye.

Area 41 a swedish shortsnout!

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MJ Chinese fireball

Mikaela a chinese fireball reminds of an angry red coloured dragon ^-^

Taylor Hungarian Horntail. lol

Marshall NORBERTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen Stevens When you say Any book do you mean to include non Harry Potters? If so then mine is Saphira from Eragon.

Marshall Oh yah, good point, if it was from eragon, it would be Arya's dragon. I forget what his name was though.

Mikaela sure any dragon from any book is fine. cause then i change mine to sapphira

george ☽ Taylor wrote: "Hungarian Horntail. lol"

lol yes, though I like Norbert as well

Katharina Gerlach I love the dragons from "Talking to Dragons" by Patricia Wrede They are the best ever!
Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4) by Patricia C. Wrede

Marshall i have never read that book. is it good?

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Katharina Gerlach It's a children's book. It's not very long, but I thoroughly enjoyed the humor. In it, a princess runs off to avoid getting married against her will. She ends up with a group of dragons who keep princesses as servants to raise their status. Finny enough Cimorene enjoys working for her dragon. If only the heroic prince would stop trying to rescue her.
Oh, I forgot to say, "Dealing with Dragons" is the first in the series.
Dealing With Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #1) by Patricia C. Wrede

Marshall Oh, okay thanks

Badgerlord I love the dragon from Discworld book 'The Colour of Magic'. He only exists because they beleive he exists.

Barely Breathing Banana Shruikan from the Inheritance Cycle

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Jake I liked Smog from the Hobbit, being he was nearly indestructible and flawlessly greedy. He was my first literary dragon and still there aren't any rivals in my mind.

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Mia Saphira from Eragon

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter I was going to say Dragon from Shrek but that's not a book so i'll say Norbert! I mean Norberta :)

Shari Temeraire....

PostCardashian Kim Nobody's mentionned this, but the dragons in Earthsea are brilliant, one of them is called Orm Embar

Mikaela Kim wrote: "The white one from the deathly hallows"

yeh those evil goblins were so mean to that poor dragon. tear.

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Maia Ember from Dragonlace: Dragons of the Autum Twilight. Or Thorn and Saphira from the Eragon book

Saurabh Thorn . from the inheritance cycle.,

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Matt Hageman Saphira from Eragon

Barely Breathing Banana ^nice, though i like Shruikan better, Glaedr's cool too

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Ruby I love all the dragons from Game of Thrones. They are....


♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ any dragon from the 'Unicorn Chronicles.' or maybe i have the wrong series.......

Zkw617 I like Saphira. Personally, I also like Norberta.

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