Dark Inside (Dark Inside, #1) Dark Inside question

Who enjoyed this book?
Gwynn White Gwynn Feb 26, 2012 04:01AM
This book started off brilliantly, but quickly tapered into nothing (pun intended) for me. Who agrees?

deleted member Sep 09, 2012 05:58PM   0 votes
I really liked it.....it makes you think how you would be if this happened-a monster, or surviver, or dead...

I lost interest when I got n o real answers. All I need is a little clue here and there to move on and I just spent most of the book confused.
Were the creeper people zombies of some kind? Demon possessed? I leaned more towards the latter because of the overall feeling of the book, but there weren't any real hints! I may read the second one just to find out what the heck happened in the first!

I thought it was great.

I thought the writing was good, but it didn't quite flow in some spots. It got tedious after awhile. The ending was unbelievable to me, too. I still liked it though...

I loved it, so I guess I disagree... Where did you stop enjoying it?

Gwynn White I finished the whole book, but it wasn't very satisfying. But I'm glad we are all different and that you enjoyed it. ...more
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deleted member Sep 10, 2012 03:18PM   0 votes
I thought it was pretty awesome.

i thought it was kinda epic

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