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message 1: by Gina(: (new)

Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Ok here we are(:

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Awesome.(: What do you want to role-play?

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Haha, and..I don't know! Something with romance for sure!! Ummm...

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Haha sure! Hmm...

-Normal romance
-Teen Romance

I dunno? Lol.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Uh, how about teen romance with a twist? Maybe something like this:
A girl and a guy are best friends. The guy is really popular and all, and the girl is really quiet and one of the nerds...the total opposite of the guy ya know? Well they start having strong feeling for one another, but don't want to admit it because of their 'social rankings' at school...but then they like start dating and everyone tries tearing them apart...what do you think? If done this once before and it turned out really good(:

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Hm that's a great idea! :D I've never done that before but I'd like to give it a try. Who do you want to play?

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Haha, great I'm glad it made sense!! Lol. And I'd prefer to be the girl, but if you'd rather be the girl I'll be the guy.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Haha no, I wanted to be the guy actually! You can make your char first and I'll make mine next.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Lol ok then kewl! And I'm not gonna be descriptive with it, just letting you know.

message 10: by Gina(: (last edited Feb 26, 2012 01:38AM) (new)

Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Name: Noella (Noel)
Age: 17
Looks: ~ light blue eyes. Standing at only five feet tall, she often is teased on her height..along with being nerdy.

message 11: by Raven Prowl (Silverfang) (last edited Feb 26, 2012 12:59AM) (new)

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Oh okay I thought you were. XD

Name: Cody
Gender: M
Age: 18
Looks: [image error]

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Lol, I would've been more descriptive, but I'm on my iPod and I'm not bothered typing up a big charrie haha.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) I'm on my iPod too. XD I've edited my character.

Do you want to start?

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Lol. And so I've noticed, haha(;

And not really, may you start pretty please ;P

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody was at football practice. His hair glued itself to his forehead as he played.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noella was in the school library, reading as usual. The library wad completely empty, the only other person their was the school librarian.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody had the ball under his arm, ducking his opponents tackles. He picked up his pace and dove forward, scoring. The coach blew the whistle, "Good job boys!" he glanced at Cody, "You did good."

Cody wiped the sweat off of his face with shirt, "Thanks coach," they hit the change rooms.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments "It's about time for you to get home Noel." the librarian said. Noel looked at the time, and nodde. "Oh yeah, I guess it is, thanks." she Sid softly. Noella put her glasses away in her back pack, along with her book, and walked out of the school.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody changed his clothes and sprayed a bit of Lynx deodorant on him before grabbing his bag and leaving the field.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noella started to walk home, her bag over her shoulder. She didn't mind walking, since the weather was so nice.

((I changed her looks btw))

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody was glad it was Friday. He noticed Noella walking off and smiled when he saw her. Obviously because of those glasses and well, her height, "Hey, Noel!" he called.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments ((Sorry for disappearing! I fell asleep..))

Noel looked up when she heard her name called, and smiled a little when she saw it was Cody. "Hey!" she calle back.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody jogged over to her, "Hey. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later?" he smiled and ran his hand through his hair.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noella nodded a little. "Sure, sounds good to me." she smiled a little.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody nodded, "Cool. Meet you at the park in an hour?" he wasn't gonna hang out with his friend when he was covered in sweat.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noel nodded once more. "Yeah, that sounds good." she said softly,

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody gave a nod and began to walk backwards, "Cool," then he turned around and walked to his car.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments "See ya then." she said before he walked off, then continued to walk home.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody got home and decided to lift a bit of weights before taking a shower. He got dressed casually in jeans and a blue top that seemed to hug his muscles.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noel went home to drop off her bag, and have a quick snack. She glanced to the time, then started walking to the park.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody grabbed a little something to eat before making his way ocerto the park in hopes Noella would be there.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments She got there a little earlier then she thought she would, and decided to sit on a bench to wait for Cody.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody entered the par and caught sight of her. He snuck up behind her and squeezed her side playfully, "Boo!" he moved out of the way just incase she swung at him in defense.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noel jumped off the bench and went to hit him, missing him since he moved out if her way. "That was not funny!" she told him.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody chuckled, "You're right you're right in fact that was..." he trailed off, "Hilarious," and grinned playfully.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments She rolled her eyes and hit his arm playfully "No, it wasn't hilarious either."

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody rolled his eyes, mimicking her playfully, "Alright. Whatever helps you sleep at night," he chuckled.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments ((Omfg....that is my saying! I use it a bajillion times a day!))

Noella chuckled a little, "You sooo stole that line from me." she said teasingly.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody pulled on an innocent face and held his hands up in a surrender position, "Did I now, did I really?" he grinned.

((Haha me too! Or whatever floats your boat :D))

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments ((Lol, nice!))

She chuckled and poked him in the stomach. "Why yes, yes you did." she smiled.

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Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody smiled, "Well then, I apologize." he set his hand back down and noticed an ice-cream truck, "You wanna go get some ice-cream?"

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments She grinned. "Thank you!" she chuckled. Noel nodded a little. "Sure." she said softly.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) Cody smiled and lead her over to the line, "What flavor?" he asked her.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noella followed him over. "Uh...chocolate." she told him, and smiled a little.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) When it was his turn to order, he asked for two chocolate ice creams and payed, handing her hers.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments She took hers after thanking him, kinda, and began to eat it.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) He licked his ice-cream and glanced at her, "So what's up? Anything new happen?"

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments She shook her head a little. "No, I can't say anything new has happened lately. How about you?" she asked softly, continuing to lick her ice cream

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) "Ah, not much." he shrugged his shoulders, "Nothing really, actually." he chuckled lightly, eating his ice-cream.

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Gina(: (ginaaa) | 2994 comments Noel chuckled a little, and continued to eat her ice cream, getting a little on her upper lip.

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