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Should Jason be with Piper?

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Grace I like others, think Piper should be with Jason, but I'm stuck on something. The truth is a lot of us might only like Piper better than Reyna, just because we met her first. I mean Reyna met Jason first and if we'd been following the story of Jason and the Romans... well we might be saying that Reyna is perfect and Piper is just okay. Or somthing like that I don't know. So Anyway, I want to know your opinion.

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King JT Yes of course they are a good couple

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it is true i agree

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles it's too soon to tell. i have to wait to see reyna and jason's reunion.

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King JT oh yea you got a point. But I wonder what Reyna has to say about it

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles she obviously has feelings for jason.

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King JT Yea and If Piper and reyna meet...... we might got ourselves a problem :P

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King JT Lol but I will be intense or RR might mix it up a bit

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King JT RR is kinda unpredictable so are his books

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King JT yeah

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Sam I don't know. I really like Reyna though, so I am going to pass judgment until the next book. I did kind of feel sorry for Piper though when her memories were fake, but I don't really like Piper alot. She just seems to try too hard not to be noticable or something. I like Reyna because she seems more real and what not.

Twila I think Jason and Piper would make a better couple than Jason and Reyna. Though, I feel really bad for Reyna, I liked her more than Piper. Anything can happen, so we'll just have to wait and see! I'm soo excited!

Michael Piper and Jason forever!



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I so think that Jason and Piper should get together, he understands her soooo well!

Connie I like Piper. She isn't like the other Aphrodite girls.

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Shelby Michael wrote: "AND PERCY AND REYNA FOREVER!


I hope that if I call you crazy you won't be offended;) You really shouldn't be cause it was a joke, but still, you're crazy for even joking about that! Percabeth forever!!!!!

On another note, I'm torn up inside because although I like Piper better than Reyna I think Reyna and Jason have the basis for an amazing romance...but then again so do Piper and Jason.

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Ayn Skyfighter Heck yeah.

Kasey Piper. just because we are all biased because we dont know Reyna well yet.

Kathy i dunno but i like reyna better. don't ask why cuz i don't know

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I really did not like Piper at all! She's a whiny little annoying thing! Reyna is amazing and she's know Jason longer, and I like them as a couple better.

Kathy Hadley ・I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!・ wrote: "I really did not like Piper at all! She's a whiny little annoying thing! Reyna is amazing and she's know Jason longer, and I like them as a couple better."

yeah maybe thats why:)

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Thank you (:

Haley i have the first chapter from the Mark of Athena!!!!!!

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Gal I really like Reyna, but I think Piper and Jason are better. Piper seems to truly like him -she even declined being a Huntress for him. And Jason seems to have feelings for her too!
After all, we don't even know if Jason has feelings for Reyna yet.

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Rhea Nightshade I really like Reyna, as a character. Who knows? Reyna might have declined being a huntress for Jason, too?

Anyway, I don't really like to see Jason and Piper together but thinking of him and Reyna makes me feel like seeing another side of him.

Whenever Piper compliments Jason, it's usually about him being good-looking or something, and I don't really like it.

I guess it's because I find it... weird considering Annabeth and Percy ended up together because of what they truly feel, minus the looks.

Besides, thinking of Jason with Reyna... it gives me more excitement. There are so much things to explore with that, you know?

Again, these are just my opinion.

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