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Adena Wright (adenaw) ~Home to Julie Anders and her daughter Skye~

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Skye looked away from the T.V, wondering where her mother was. She got up and went to find her whistle, just in case, when she walked pass her mother's room and saw her.

Julie was sitting on the bed with a picture of her late husband in her hands, trying not to cry. She tried her best, but the bills where always an issue and finding someone that would baby sit Skye for cheap or free while she worked was a nearly impossible. All the people that could communicate by sign worked with a day car system.

Skye walked up to her mother and moved her lips, as if she was trying to say "Momma, Momma." She climbed on the bed and Julie helped her up. Once she was up, she noticed the picture and asked who was that. Julie signed and said that it was her daddy and not to ask what happened to him. This made Skye confused but she did as she was told.

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