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J.J. Murray (johnjmurray) | 250 comments Mod
Every Dog, a multicultural, coming-of-age, action-tragi-comic romance (yes, it's all that) under my pseudonym H. M. Mann, should be available on Amazon for download to your Kindle on 2/26/12.

This is the novel Kensington has been sitting on for over two years, and I'm tired of waiting for folks to read it.

The novel stars David Planter, who is one of my favorite narrators so far. The story takes you from David's dysfunctional childhood to a detention center (where I work) to several dysfunctional multicultural romances to the U. S. Army to marriage to his soul mate to Afghanistan ... and you will learn that the lightning of love sometimes strike twice because every dog will have his day.

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Deleon | 4 comments I have a nook tablet, but might have to buy a kindle just to get my hands on it.

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JC (ainathiel) If you have a smart phone get the kindle app. It might help.

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