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do you think finnick's death should've been a bigger deal?
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i think finnick was a very important character and if he had to die the author should've made a much bigger deal about it.

I agree with Ciara. But really, sometimes it is just denial. In her state, I wouldn't want to believe it either. Maybe because in THG Katniss knew that both couldn't survive, and so she had it in her head she was eventually going to die, as were a lot of other people. And she was also by her side to the end, whereas with Prim, not so. But Finnick's was sooooo sad, but she didn't have time to stop and get all emotional over it. She had to keep moving. This was war they were in. It could have been a little more detailed, but they were battling for their life, so they didn't necessarily have all that much time.

i agree. i think that both finnick and prim's deaths were wildly underplayed. while reading, granted i read it ridiculously fast, i thought that it ended too quickly. i thought that finnick and prim's deaths especially were almost glossed over, like they died and that was just it. it was almost like collins knew what she wanted to do with the end but just wanted to be done with it. i was really sad when both characters died and i didn't really feel like that was conveyed in the book.

Cinderela I complete agree with you in regard to your comment about what Collins did. :) It's horrible! ...more
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IKR! It was like oh hey there's goes Finnick. he's gone. SAME WITH PRIM! It's like of hey now Finnick and Prim are dead. no biggie. HE SHOULDN'T OF EVEN HAVE DIED!Poor Annie:( *tear*

I thought that by the time finnick's and prim's deaths came to pass, katniss had lost so much of her emotional capacity...that she just wasn't capable of showing the proper emotion, so it seemed glossed over...

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It seems, in similar fashion to The Da Vinci Code and the Twilight series, the Hunger Games books were written in a way that they are easily transcribed into a screenplay for Hollywood films.

Finnick's death was certainly underplayed (as compared to Rue, Cato, and others who have perished inside and out of the Hunger Games), but I feel as though his death will be played in a more significant way on film (whenever Mockingjay is produced). Hollywood loves killing the good guy!

Unfortunately, it seems as though many of the very dramatic moments in Mockingjay are underplayed, including the deaths of Finnick and Prim.

Finnick shouldn't have died. Period. End of story.

Prim too.

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Definitely Agree. I literally threw down my Book when Finnick died. It still hurts to think about it. I got so attached to the characters, that when one of them DID die, I felt like I lost my own family member.

But I guess to keep things moving, & more realistic in the "war sense", they had to focus on the mission. If Katniss went back into the sewer to sing Finnick a song and pat his hair ... well, I dont know how that would turn out. BUT, I have a hunch that if Gale let her back down there, Just MAYBE she could have saved Finnick and pulled through.

we'll never know :( poor Annie.

Nicole I know, even though I thought he was up to no good in Catching Fire, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. ...more
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I've thought about this a lot. Finnick was one of my favorite characters, so I was really sad when he died! But Katniss and the others had to keep moving on if they wanted to be safe. It wouldn't do them any good if more or all of them died.
"Later, the human feelings will come. Now I'm conscious only of an animal need to keep the remnants of our band alive."
I'm sure that a lot of people think it should have been a bigger deal. I think it was perfect, though. How Katniss saw Finnick's life before he died. If it was any longer the book would be too depressing.

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I know that Mockingjay was a war story, but I agree about how Suzanne Collins completely blew the deaths of Primm, and Finnick. He was a major character that she built up in the last two books, and the way his death was handled was a bit too uneventful and casual for such a character. The ending seemed rushed, and she should have spent some time mourning what happened to Finnick.

"It's true. They totally should have made it a much bigger deal about Finnick and Prim dieing!

YESSSSSS!!! well he shouldnt have died in the first place but they should have put more about Annie's reaction in it. I loved him and I cried when he died :(
he was such an important part and he deserved to have a big deal made out of his death!

Finnick's death shouldn't have been so short, barely giving time for Katniss to mourn his death. He was one of the characters that played a crucial role and even if the author wants to kill him off she should make a bigger deal out of it. I wasn't even sure that he was dead at first and I had to reread that part!!

HG is told in 1st person and only shows what Katniss sees and thinks and in fast paced battles the mind isn't going to be thinking completely strait and Katniss wasn't of sound mind during this book. Katniss wouldn't focus on his death that much because, as always, her first priority is surviving and when everyone around her is dying she has to focus on what she's doing and not get distracted too much. That may sound horrible but I think it stays true to the character.

I agree. And what about poor Prim? I think Katniss made a bigger deal about Rue, even though Prim was her sister!

I agree with all of you. It didn't seem like Katniss ever felt much about Finnick and Prim's death. But then again she was troubled, and she was probably in denial. If anything like that happened to me, it would take me months to actually have it register. I would wake up one day and be like, "Oh my gosh. My little baby sister is dead. The one I stepped in for when she was going to the Hunger Games. If she had gone to THG she could maybe, just maybe, still be alive. The reason she died was because of the bombing which came from the rebelling which came from me. Everything I did was for a reason. Prim. And now she's gone. And so is my friend. My ally. What am I supposed to do now?"

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I think he shouldn't have died at all. It seemed like the author just couldn't kill of one of her precious leading characters (Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch) so she had to off someone else. And since no one can have a happy ending in this book, she just randomly killed off Finnick. I had to read over the page three times before I realized she really did kill him. Ridiculous!

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Exactly, it almost feels like she wanted to kill off Gale, who to be honest was less of a developed character and whose death the scene would have fit better. Had she killed off Gale there may have been shippping wars, and it reeked of being afraid to kill any of the major three.

Yeah! Suzanne Collins handled his death rather lightly even though he was a major character in the 2 last books

ikr so freaking sad i was like why couldn't it be some random rebel or something not Finnick poor Annie indeed

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