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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) | 1079 comments Mod
This is where you find the rankings, the skills that go for each rank.

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These are the ranks for the expeditions. The captain are the mods. Please ask if you want to be a Navigator and be a person part of the Weaponry. Please.

Rankings of the Explorers
These explorers are the ones who are ready to guide their crew. They are the ones who will never give up their ships and will die for their kind. These explorers are always daring and dangerous. Beware if your captain says "Come on board!" If you don't follow, he or she might as well knock you down and you will part of his crew no matter what. What every you do, follow the captains orders.

These are explorers who guide the ships and their crew to any destination. They are the ones who can memorize they paths toward their destinations. These people are loyal toward the captain and always obedient. These explores always carry a notebook around them so that they can find their way to go back home or make many shortcuts. Beware their statement "Hey don't touch the wheel!" That means that you should stay away from their stuff since they are the ones who can guide the explorers.

These people are the ones who can translate any language and can decipher everything. These are also the historians of the expedition. These people are often the ones who are always socializing and very out going. Since they know many languages, they can pretty much flirt when every they want help the captain out when he can't understand what the others are saying. Their line is hard to comprehend because they speak many languages. They can twist our words and minds with their words and thoughts. Now, I don't want to be near a translator.

These explorers are the builders of the explorers. They are the ones who makes sure we can go on expeditions. They are hardworking explorers who never like it one messes with their stuff. They get alone with the Engineers. Their line is "All can go, Captain!" That means that they have check everything and everything is set for their journey.

These explorers are the ones who designed the ships and the ones who use technology everywhere. These people are people who barely talk and always the one who likes to get their work done. They often make many mistakes but that's another step for them to fix. These people are always perfectionist and hate it when people mess with them. Their line is "If this can go here then that can go there also." It means that they are always thinking whether those things fit or not. They are the ones who try to make sure everything works so that the mechanic can build it.

Supplier ((Weaponry))
These explorers are the ones who always checks their weapons if they have enough. These people are very hot-headed and organized explorers. They don't like if one places a weapon in an incorrect place. They understand every weapon and have many strategies. Their line is "Line up and get a weapon!" That means you need save your life because they need to make sure everyone else has a weapon. They often save and look out for people.

Peace maker
These explorers are good at negotiating with other creatures and people. They are clever and very persuading. These people are often the ones who can twist their words in order for one to follow them. They may be clever but they always follow the rules and if one breaks the rules, they can make one be sorry. Their line is "Thank for this peace treaty. Do not break it for I will make you say sorry." That means do not mess with them because they can be underestimating behind their masks. These explorers may look nice but they are always deceiving.

These explorers are people who are always prepared to take every note of the places they are seeing. In fact, they are often the ones who discover and make new technology in order to help with their studies. Since they love technology they help the mechanics and engineers in technology. These explorers are the logical and always knows what is best for the team. Their line is "Please do not bother me. I made a new discovery." That means it's best to leave them be before they tells us what they have discovered.

These explorers are artistic and also the most patient and relaxed ones on the submarine. The Cooks are the ones who specializes on cooking good food and thank goodness because our crew members would have had to cook for themselves. They are usually have the relaxed side when they are in the kitchen but will get aggressive if other members bother them while they are cooking. Their line is "The food is ready or Don't come in here while I finish preparing the food!" That means that it's best not to get them on their bad side.

These people are good on map-making skills. They are also good at sketching pictures and also have the artistic ability of finding the right scale on a map. These map markers are mostly relaxed and don't like people bother them. They are close to the captain and the navigator. They are the ones who take careful notes around the submarine. Please don't disturb them. Their line is, "Get out of workplace! My work is secretive and I don't want anyone bother me." That means they like to be left alone in their work place.

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Aɴɴᴇ Oɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴅɢᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏ sᴇᴀᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ɪɴᴛᴏIan Kabra (litch02717) | 923 comments Mod
Listed below are the skills that each rank should have:

Information-Assimilation = how to find, consume, and comprehend information and identify what’s most important in the face of a problem or challenge. A person who is highly skilled in Information-Assimilation is able to process information quickly and apply it to the situation at hand.

Language (speaking/writing) = how to communicate thoughts and ideas to others clearly, concisely, and with confidence.

Mathematics = How to accurately use concepts from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics to analyze and solve common problems. Someone who is highly skilled in Mathematics is able to use numbers, ratios, and equations to gain insight into present circumstances and potential future scenarios.

Rapport = how to interact with other people in a way that encourages them to like, trust, and respect.

Smithing = taking refined raw materials and combining them into new and/or improved pieces of armor or weaponry.

Architecture = knowledge on how to design, draw, write, speak, calculate and manage are important. One must have a good communication and documentation skills, the ability to solve problems, also, the ability to learn and adopt to new things, and never gives up easily.

Technology = making, knowledge and usage of machines, tools, systems, crafts, methods, and techniques of organization to perform specific functions or to solve problems.

Machinery = how to create new machines or engines by the use of gears, screws, etc. People who has this skill (the Mechanics) has a brain that works almost as fast as a scientist. Though they aren't as special in science like the scientists but in calculations. A person with this skill must have a strong imagination too.

Art: ((divided into three))
Cook = preparation of food using different methods, with a variety of equipment, ingredients and seasonings. Organization of food is also included in this skill.

Geography = to develop coherent descriptions of the surface of the earth. Someone who has this type of skill must be a keen observer and must have an interest in the cultural phenomena in the landscape.

Artistic Skill = mastery of sketching, painting, etc. Someone with this ability can't express their feelings through words but through their art works.

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Aɴɴᴇ Oɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴅɢᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏ sᴇᴀᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ɪɴᴛᴏIan Kabra (litch02717) | 923 comments Mod
Each rank must have certain skills.
Ex. A translator must have Language skills.

Here's a chart that tells you what each rank should have:

Ranks = Skills

Captain = (Mods)
Navigator = Mathematics, Technology
Translator = Language
Mechanic = Mathematics, Machinery
Engineer = Mathematics, Architecture
Supplier = Smithing
Peace maker = Rapport
Scientist = Information-Assimilation, Technology
Cook = Art (cook), Mathematics
Cartographer = Art (Geography), Art (Artistic)

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Rule: We need two of the each crew member due to having two different captains.



Mechanics- One more

Engineer- One more


Peace maker




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