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Onyxia The Dragon Malveric sat at a table,reading a book.

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Elisabeth (where is he should Dawn be there? told u imma newb lol xD)

Onyxia The Dragon (Dawn can walk in,doing whatever you want her to be doing and I guess they could start talking.)

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Elisabeth (gotcha)

Dawn had been having a lazy day today. She needed some quiet time so she sat down and opened her book across from some one else.

Onyxia The Dragon Malveric glanced up at her for a second before going back to reading his book.

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Elisabeth Dawn felt like some one was watching her. She looked up long enough to notice the boy across from her reading his book to. "I wonder who he is" Dawn thought to herself. Surely she would remember if she had seen him around before. Wouldn't she?

Onyxia The Dragon He felt someone's eyes upon him and he looked up.The girl was looking at him."Hello..."he said quietly.

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Elisabeth Dawn burned red for a moment seeing he had caught her looking. "Hi" she said with a smile tryign to play it off.

Onyxia The Dragon He set his book down."I haven't really seen you around here."

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Elisabeth She did the same "I could say the same for you" she said twitching her eyebrows. "I'm Dawn. You are?"

Onyxia The Dragon "I'm Malveric."He blinked a couple times and closed his book.

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Elisabeth "Nice to meet you" Dawn said. This was friendly even for her. Oh well, her parents would be happy she was interacting with others not that she cared.

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Elisabeth (Victoria? U there)

Onyxia The Dragon (oops.sorry)

He smiled a little."Nice to meet you too."

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Elisabeth (no problem)

Dawn nodded not knowing what else to say. She really wasn't in the mood to read anymore. Her stomach growled. She should be getting home for dinner soon.

Onyxia The Dragon "How long have you been around here?"

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Elisabeth "Here as in this building? There's a lot of here's I could be so your gonna have to specify that" Dawn said.

Onyxia The Dragon "How long have you been around this area?"

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Elisabeth Dawn shrugged "Since I can remember. I've always lived around here I don't come here a lot though if that's what your asking. What about you?"

Onyxia The Dragon "I've lived here for three years."

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Elisabeth (Wanna make them go to the same school?)

"Thats cool. Where were you before this?" Dawn asked.

Onyxia The Dragon (Sure.)

"An orphanage in New Orleans."

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Elisabeth Dawn didn't really know how to respond to that. She wanted to ask him about it, but concluded she should take it slow."So what school do you go to?" she asked.

Onyxia The Dragon "Westport High."

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Elisabeth "Cool me too! All though I can't say I remember seeing you around. But at the same time I don't really pay attention. So maybe I'll see you around Malveric I have to go home for dinner" Dawn said grabbing her book.

Onyxia The Dragon He nodded."Alright,I'll see you later."

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Elisabeth (time skip to school?)

Dawn nodded and walked out.

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Elisabeth ......,

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Elisabeth (?)

Onyxia The Dragon ((sorry,had to eat.Sure we could do timeskip.))

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Elisabeth (no problem :D)

Dawn walked into school the next day keeping an eye out for Malveric. She wore tight skinny jeans with combat boots and a strapless black shirt that stuck to her well enough.

Onyxia The Dragon Malveric was standing by his locker.

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Elisabeth Dawn spotted Malveric, but no freakin way was she gonna make the first move. She didn't want friends that bad. Did she?

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Elisabeth (just curious. Do u have an idea where we should I with this role play? Like plot wise etc.)

Onyxia The Dragon He opened his locker and put his books inside.
((not at the moment))

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Elisabeth Dawn took a deep breath down the hall past him stopping a few feet in front of him. She stood there books in hand leaning against a locker hoping he would notice her.

Onyxia The Dragon He turned his head and smiled a little when he saw her."Hey..."

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Elisabeth "Score" Dawn whispered to herself before turning around. "Hey Marvic" Dawn gave a small smile.

Onyxia The Dragon He closed his locker."What's your first class?"

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Elisabeth Dawn scratched her head and racked her brain. "History I think."

Onyxia The Dragon He nodded."I see."

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Elisabeth "what's yours" she asked?

Onyxia The Dragon "I have Art first."

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Elisabeth "Well that sucks....." Dawn said. "So you like art? You any good at it?"

Onyxia The Dragon He nodded."I actually have a drawing I made in my pocket."

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Elisabeth "Then spill your pockets and lets see!"

Onyxia The Dragon He took the picture out of hid pocket and showed it to her. (( http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/201... ))

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Elisabeth "Dude! Wow that is art! I'm not that even that good although I can draw one mean stick figure." Dawn exclaimed. Trying to put some humor in the last part.

Onyxia The Dragon He chuckled a little."Well,I'm glad you like it."

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