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message 1: by Adrienne (last edited Feb 27, 2012 10:19AM) (new)

Adrienne Woods (adriennewoods03) | 10 comments Hi everyone. I need honest feedback on my series called the Dragon Glider. The first book called King of Lions needs your honest opinion.

It is an urban fantasy for YA and consists of 97 000 words. I only have it in word doc form. I would love to get it available on pdf as well but got absolutely no idea how you do that.

More about the series.

Its about a sixteen year old orphan that witnessed her fav teacher transformed into a dragon to save her life. She finds herself inside a magical world call Paegeia where dragons roam free, but nothing is what it seems.
While attending Dragonia academy attending it's strange classes and have to rely on magic, she really struggle to adopt but with the help of Becky, Sammy and Lucian she soon discover that she fits in better this side than what she did back home.
Thing change for the worst when the King Of Lions sword gets stolen and feels that she has to help to retrieve it, no matter what the consequences.
It is a tale full of magic, dragons, love and courage and need your help to improve it.

message 2: by Fred (new)

Fred Hughes | 2 comments Hi Isabella:

I would be interested in reviewing and giving you feedback on your book. I have helped review and give feedback to the publisher on one book so far and my background means I have an eye for details and discrepancies.

Please advise how to proceed.


message 3: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Woods (adriennewoods03) | 10 comments Thank you so much fred. Send me a mail with your details so that I can forward you my manuscript. The only snag I have is this is still in word doc. I don't have a clue how to transfer it over to PDF or any of those other formats.

message 4: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Woods (adriennewoods03) | 10 comments Hi guys can offer you PDF or ebup format, for those who are interested.

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