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message 1: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) A huge shopping center with multiple levels. It is usually filled with people rushing from store to store. There is a food court on the bottom level. The best place to find teenagers after school.

message 2: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren went to the pet store with Mr. Fluffers, who was actually a she, to buy a new guinea pig ball. Darren's moronic friend had kicked the ball across his living room and it cracked. Thankfully, Mr. Fluffers was not in it.

message 3: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare was sitting at a table in the food court when she saw Darren walking towawrds the pet store. She thought about confronting him, but decided it would be a little creepy if she followed him into the store. She moved to a different table instead, so that he would have to walk right past her on his way out.

message 4: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren put Mr. Fluffers on his shoulder and she dug her nails into him. He winced and picked a clear ball for her to roll around in He went to the counter and paid for it.

message 5: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare tapped her fingers on the table, waiting for Darren to leave the pet store. She had finished her pasta already and was chewing on the end of her soda straw.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren asked for no bag and just carried the ball out with his guinea pig inside it. "Bet you can't wait until home, huh?" he said to her. She just stared at him with its beady eyes in response.

message 7: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare looked up and noticed that Darren was carrying something in a ball. She frowned. Wow. I didn't peg him for the guinea pig type, she thought, waiting for him to see her.

message 8: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren looked up, noticed her, and look back down. He kept walking. He kept thinking about this girl and wish he'd stop. It didn't help that she appeared out of nowhere.

message 9: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare coughed as he walked by. She had hoped he'd say something, or at least apologize. She stood up, threw away her trash, and then caught up to him. Maybe they could start over. "You never told me you had a guinea pig," she said brightly. "He's cute."

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "She," Darren said briefly and tried to walk away, but she kept following him. He looked at her, "Why won't you leave me alone and let me go home?"

message 11: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) "Beacause we got off to a terrible start yesterday and I want to talk about it," she said. "I want us to understand each other."

message 12: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "What is there to understand? There's a reason why we're called pure and you're called tainted," Darren said rudely. He stopped walking and was about to turn the other way.

message 13: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare grabbed his arm to stop him from walking away. "The reason is that ignorant people like you feel the need to treat us liek we're not even human beings. Just because we are different, it doesn't make us any worse than you." She took a step closer to him and lowered her voice. "You have no idea how difficult it is to be tainted. We're instantly judged and treated like dirt just because of these powers. So don't act like you know me, because you have no idea what it's like."

message 14: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Nobody had ever talked to him like that and for a second he didn't know what to do, then he said, very arrogantly, "There had to be something wrong with you to make you this way. And your DNA is different because of the mutations."

Somebody needed to slap him STAT and reminded about the Holocaust and all the other genocides because of people that start to think like that.

Someone should probably take Mr. Fluffers before she got hurt in this argument.

message 15: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) ((Clare is gonna slap him :) ))

Clare was momentarily speechless. Then, not completely aware of what she was doing, she brought her hand up and slapped him across the face. "Why won't you just shut up and listen! Do you think I like being looked down upon and insulted by people who think they're better than me? Any time you want to trade places, just let me know," she yelled, turning to leave.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((You forgot to save Mr. Fluffers!))

Darren, flabbergasted, dropped Mr. Fluffers who squealed and started to run around in circles. Darren quickly grabbed her before someone kicked her across the mall. "Why don't you give me proof, then?"

message 17: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) ((Oops, my bad ))

Clare sighed in exasperation. "Proof of what?" she asked wearily, tired of arguing with him. She glanced at Mr. Flutters, he was very distracting. "You know, it's hard to be angry at a boy holding a guinea pig," she muttered.

message 18: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "She has a dinosaur costume," Darren said, not knowing what to say nor why of all things he said that. He made a WTH face at himself. I'm just going to bury my head in sand now...

message 19: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare just stared at him. She opened her mouth to say something, but began to laugh instead. "A dinosaur costume? You dress your guinea pig in a dinosaur costume and you're the one judging me?" She doubled over, laughing hysterically.

message 20: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Yup. I need to go into hiding. Darren went completely red and refused to look at her. He babbled incoherent things that was probably an excuse for him dressing Mr. Fluffers in a dinosaur costume. "It's only for Halloween," he manage to say stupidly.

message 21: by Adena (last edited Mar 07, 2012 08:40PM) (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare burst into another fit of laughter. When she had finally gotten a hold of herself, she looked up at Darren. "Okay I have a proposal. I promise to never tell anyone about the strange love you have for your guinea pig if you promise to spend a day with me and actually get to know me. If you still hate me afterwards, I'll leave you alone and won't bother you again." She took a quick picture of him and his guinea pig. "And I also promise to burn this incredibly useful blackmail picture at the end of the day," she added.

message 22: by Killer Queen (last edited Mar 07, 2012 09:11PM) (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "But... Who doesn't love guinea pigs?" Darren took his guinea pig out and put her on his shoulder. "They're fat and squishy... I need to shut up..." He didn't say anything for a while and avoided her gaze. "I suppose we have a deal, even though most people know of her."

message 23: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare smiled at him, glad he had agreed. "Well, where do we start?" she asked, she hadn't really planned that far ahead. "I guess I could start by answering any questions you have," she suggested. "But not here," she said, looking around at the people staring at them. "I think I've already caused enough of a scene. Where do you want to go?"

message 24: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "I don't know... Park?" Darren said. Just hope no birds of prey snatch Mr. Fluffers... And I really need to start calling her Ms. Fluffers. Doesn't sound that great though... He ignored everybody looking at them, mostly because his guinea pig was trying to eat his hair.

message 25: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) "Sounds good," Clare said, taking Mr. Fluffers off of his shoulder and holding her in front of her face. "You tell your crazy owner to stop dressing you up like a dinosaur, okay?" She gave her back to Darren and headed towards the doors.

((To the park!))

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ sтερн ._. wrote: ""But... Who doesn't love guinea pigs?" Darren took his guinea pig out and put her on his shoulder. "They're fat and squishy... I need to shut up..." He didn't say anything for a while and avoided h..."

((My favorite post ever!! :D "They're fat and squishy...I need to shut up..."))

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((They are and he did!))

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aubree and Hannah walked through the mall. The younger girl, Aubree, was carying a couple bags in her hands while the mom was busy paying for a couple of hot dogs at the food market. It had been a day off of school today and Hannah had been spending a little time today with each of her children, Aubree was up first. Setting down the bags, the daughter rubbed her hands and took the food gratefully, taking a giant bite out of it.

Hannah smiled at Aubree and took a bite of her own, "So, what did you think of our shopping?" she asked, knowing that she shouldn't have bought everything that she should have in the bags at their feet.

Aubree nodded quickly, "It was amazing mom! We should have days off of school more often!" she said excitedly, finishing her hot dog quickly, trying to get back to shopping as soon as possible.

"I'm glad you liked it so much." Seeing that Aubree was already done with her food, she motioned her to another store, seeing the excited look in her eyes, "Go on, I'll catch up with you in a minute," she called, gesturing towards her cellphone, "Call me if you need anything!"

Aubree nodded and went into the nearest store she could find, which happened to be a shoe store. She hurriedly looked down the shelves, wondering if she would be able to talk her mom into buying another pair of shoes for her.

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