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message 1: by Maureen (Mews) (new)

Maureen (Mews) (Mews) | 719 comments Just finished this book and it was great. I'll say here pretty much what I said in my review: I initially bought this book so I could dip in and out of it between longer novels (as I am inclined to do with short story collections). However as soon as I started it, I really couldn't put it down and had to continue until I was finished. Each story is as interesting as the last. My personal favourite was Podcast. Brilliant collection. Highly recommended.

I loved the little mini bios on the authors at the beginning of each story. For one of them I even had to go look up the armory and see if she got her Draenei Shaman to level 85 yet.

Gingerlily - The Full Wild | 36808 comments Thanks Mews! Good to have some interest as the paperback is coming out on the first of March. Must go and have a look at the review.

message 3: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25061 comments Coming late to yet another party! (But I did bring a bottle. Rum ok G?)

I just want to add my support to Maureen's recommendation. This book was a really good read - many styles and many interpretations of the theme.

As Mr Burns would say - "Excellent!"

Gingerlily - The Full Wild | 36808 comments Rum is fine, and the review is brilliant- Thanks!

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