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Who cried when Wiress died?

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It was soo sad when Wiress died. (too me) It was really upsetting for Betee, and Johanna basically just made fun of her for her last days! WHo else was sad? And such a horrible way to die, too. :(

Christina It was sad, but they really didn't have time to mourn over her death. I think it was really hard for Beetee. I don't think Johanna made fun of her, I think she was more agitated that Blight picked them up and then when he died, she kind of got stuck with them, slowing them down.

Christina She was REALLY smart, I wonder what else she really knew about the arena.....

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles not me. i really didnt like her that much

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I just thought she was a powerful character, and a helpful one too. If she wasn't there they never would've known about the clock. Maybe I'm to sensitive. I also cried when the Morphling died. With the little blood flower she painted on Peeta's cheek was just tragic.

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Sam i didn't cry...... but it was sad. so intelligent and helpful, and self-sacrificing.

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Jo Tick tock. I didn't cry, but it made me angry. She would've been interesting in Mockingjay.

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Yes, I was very angry, shocked too.

Fatema it was really sad but i didnt cry

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