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message 1: by Christine (new)

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Let's face it, it's hard to make such long books into movies! However, I think most did a good enough job in the Harry Potter series.

1 and 2 did good with taking their time, explaining the world and story.

Number 3 still enrages me greatly! All of a sudden, it was like the series was on speed! God forbid you hadn't read the books. It had some nice imagery but went way to fast in my opinion.

4 and 5 were likeable enough as well.


My true favorites are 6 and 7! I used to watch 6 over and over again. The emotion, the music...the story takes it's time and it's really about the characters. Okay, so perhaps it's because I am also a die-hard Draco fan...

7 was also beautifully done. Honestly, this was my least favorite book in the series; 5 and 6 were always my faves there. But for the movie, I really connected with the overall emotion of the characters in this last leg of their adventure. Sad but lovely, especially the part with Snape.

So, kudos to 6 and 7, some great books made into great movies!

message 2: by Antoinette (new)

Antoinette | 2 comments Actually I never read any of the books, so maybe one of these days I will... I loved all the movies though, my sons favorite movie is when they have the wizard tornaments, when Harry has fins and gills like a fish.

message 3: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments I've read all the book and seen most of the movies expect the last one

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Yasmin wrote: "I've read all the book and seen most of the movies expect the last one"

The last one is beautiful! I honestly didn't like the seventh book as much, but I really like how the movie draws on the emotion and important parts of the story.

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