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Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Feel free to ask me anything here!

Rick-Founder JM CM BOOK CLUB  | 1 comments Hi Christine- facinated to know how you not only come up with such complex plots and characters- but also arrange them in such a way as to produce such superb books?

message 3: by Christine (new)

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Wow, Rick--what a very broad question! ^_^ I'll try to answer though, if I can.

To be fair, I've been writing since I was about four or five. Really, my first books before that had just pictures, made with stencils, stickers, cut-outs from unicorn wrapping paper, and so on. So I guess, to begin with, you could say writing is in my soul and blood. A God-given gift.

It's actually sort of hard for me to say how I write, because I hear how authors just toil over their work and are never satisfied with it. Me, I get inspired to write and I write, and I usually love where the story and characters take me. My boyfriend has always said I am very comfortable with myself, so maybe that is part of it. I don't try to conform to any sort of norms, I just write.

Well, anyways, so around twelve, I started writing The Legends of Surprisers series, which is currently undergoing some professionally editing and will be re-released by me in the next year or two. I also started writing some other books, including a series called LOZ which I hope to publish in the future. At some point, I decided I wanted them all to be connected, even if only in very small but intricate ways. Since then to the present, I've been crafting the Amielian Legacy, which will ultimately house thirty-three books, all separate series and stand-alones with their own worlds and characters. But, in the very end, in the very last book which I intend to be quite vast, all will connect.

Alot of my characters come from real people; people I meet, more than anything, will often inspire a story. Or, maybe a concept for a new world. For a while, I went through a stage where I tried a new spin on vampires, then banshees, genies, you name it! Even though real people inspire me though, I never put them in the real world. I have tried writing realistic fiction and downright suck at it. Creating worlds though, that just comes to me naturally, it seems. I remember as a kid, alot of my inspiration came from The Legend of Zelda games. Also, from favorite fantasy books. But in truth, I don't really read a lot because I am too busy writing. I might read one book, and it will inspire ideas for a whole new series!

SO I guess I can just say I've always loved writing and have been doing this a very long time. With each new book I write, I think I improve and grow in some way with my writing, especially since I now have the help of my editors. Also, I enjoy the freedom of small publishers who aren't trying to tell me every step to take. Sure, some readers hate my books because a few of them are so different. But most seem to flourish in the freshness and originality of my books. Still, I ultimately plan to try and secure an agent and get just a few books in the traditional publishing realm. I hope to attract attention to all my books that way. And, secretly, I've always longed for the big book-signing events as well as having a movie made of just one of my books...

Well, I have rambled on, and I'm still not sure if I answered your question, but...I tried! Feel free to ask me anything else. ^_^

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan (momblogger) | 5 comments What do you do (if anything) to get yourself in writing mode?
(quiet? certain music? mood lighting? lol)

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Good question, Susan. ^_^

Honestly, here is the thing. When DON'T I get myself inspired? I cannot read a good book, listen to some new cool songs, or play an awesome video game without getting inspired! Or so it seems sometimes. I mean, for example, I recently played through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Twice in a row! (Okay, I played it twice because they MADE me, because I had no clue what Hero Mode meant and said "yes"). Anyways, the point is, it was such a beautiful story that ever since, I have been mulling over the idea to create a new book inspired by it.

Then--BAM!--today at work (day job at a daycare) while the kids are all napping, it hits me. I start writing notes, and now I have a whole new plot to a whole new adventure. In fact, I am about to go and start work on the book right now...

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