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Lily in the Snow and Other Elemental Tales
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Lynxie Read this one... Christine, have you thought about breaking this into two smaller books? I know I would have enjoyed it more as two books.

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Hey, Lynxie!

Well, originally, I'd tossed the idea back and forth. I really wanted it to be all in one, but considered separating it.

Well, now here's the point. It's just been published, and I don't know if my publisher would be really wild about taking it down right away to divide into two. Also, it wouldn't lower the price of each individual book by much, which was my original concern. Now, I've had plenty of people tell me that while $24.95 is a little higher than usual for that size of book, it's not bad at all, and besides, the ebook will be only $4.99. However, if new readers wanted to try me out with this book and just really didn't want an ebook version, what then? What's a cheaper option for them?

What I may do instead is select a couple of the longer works, the most popular ones, like Lily in the Snow itself, and ask if separate editions of them can be made. That way, a couple of the stories will act as cheaper samples for paperback-lovers to buy; also, in picking the most popular stories, they'd be more likely to be bought and enjoyed. By keeping the all-in-one around, those who wanted to read every single story would still have to buy it. But again, even they would have the cheaper ebook version.

At any rate, I am tossing some ideas around in this regard! Don't want to say anything just yet, as it's newly published and I realize my publisher is busy. But I plan on making either a half-and-half like you say or just a couple single editions of the longer works in the anthology.

Lynxie I think those options sound good, plenty of choice for people. I think I would have bought lily in the snow, liked that, bought more of you'd works, but probably left a bit of a gap, do as not to get too overwhelmed with elementals. They were all good, and could all stand up on their own. Whatever you end up going with will never please everyone, do what's good for you and your publisher

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Thanks, Lynxie. ^_^ I do like options for my readers. Again, a good reason why I like going with the smaller presses and self-publishing works (after having them professionally edited, of course! I have learned my lesson there). I retain a lot more freedom from the stories themselves to cover design. Even still, I've worked with some great editors and have learned loads!

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