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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Children's book about Native American boys in the SW

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ambyr | 30 comments I read this book in the mid-90s, but it might have been published as early as the 60s. It's about a young Navajo (I think) boy at school, where he has an intense rivalry with an Apache boy. I think his parents are dead but he has a close relationship with his grandfather? At one point he builds a boat out of bundled reeds. The cover I had was sort of stylized, reds and yellows. I think Wind was in the title.

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ambyr | 30 comments Bump? Maybe?

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ambyr | 30 comments It's possible? My memories set mine firmly in the American southwest, not Florida, but I could be wrong. The central plot element was the boy's rivalry with another Native American boy. I can't tell if that plays a role in Walk the Sky Path from the brief summaries on line. I'll have to try and find a copy.

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bookel | 2345 comments Could it be To Walk the Sky Path by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor?
Billie Tommie, a ten-year-old Seminole Indian, lives with his family in a chickee on a mangrove island in the Florida Everglades. Billie is the first in his family to attend school. Now he walks in two worlds--the traditonal world of his ancestors and the modern world of teachers, tourists, and schoolmates.
Billie's grandfather, Abraham, tells him the legends, stories, and rituals that are important to the Seminole people. Abraham says that an honest man who leads a good life will walk the path to the city in the sky when he dies. But Billie wants to learn more about the white man's ways.
It was reprinted in 1992, originally published 1973.

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Lobstergirl | 39315 comments Mod
Ambyr, are you still looking for this? Was bookel's suggestion your book?

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Lobstergirl | 39315 comments Mod
Nothing since 2012. Moving to Abandoned.

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