The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) The Hunger Games question

Teams or to much likeTwilight?
Jaclyn Lore - Edwards Jaclyn Feb 25, 2012 07:04AM
I hate it when people compare Hunger Games to Twilight because it is way different! Sure, there is a bit of a love triangle, but that's not what The Hunger Games is about. I don't care about the whole team Peeta and team Gale thing though. Honestly, if I had to chose...TEAM FINNICK!!

OMG same! I hate it when people do teams. No need to go all Twilight-y. I mean, I like Twilight good enough, But it bothers me that people have taken the "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" idea and turned it into a whole "Team Peeta" or "Team Gale" thing. its fine with Twilight. Just not with Hunger Games.

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