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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 51 comments Mod

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Ava screamed. "What the he@l!!!" She screamed, pissed off.
Something that looked like a horse with like, eight heads, was trying to eat her and her Mom. "Mom!" She screamed and ducked as acid shot at her.

"Auvorah! Get out of here!" Her Mom yelled. Ava ignored her and ran to her. She looked around and saw the family heirloom. A sword from the 1600's.
She broke the glass with her fist(Not recommended at home) and grabbed it. She turned to the monster. "Ava! What the fuckin' HELL are you doing!?" Her Mom screamed.
Ava ignored her and got into a stance. It felt as thought she had done this before. Somehow, she plotted a course that would let her hit the monster. She started running, but a head shot out at her and bit her.
Ava screamed, loud and clear.

A girl with black hair and sea-green eyes burst through the glass window. She looked up and saw me. "What the Hades were you thinking?!" She screamed and threw a, a...sword? "Well, run!" She yelled at Ava and ran at the monster.
Ava was open mouthed, until she heard her Mother's cry. "Mom!" Ava turned around to see her Mom bleeding from a monster bite. Ava ran to her Mom and heard the girl say, "Wrong way!"

Mom groaned, "Auvorah, I love you," She whispered and her eyes closed. Ava couldn't believe it. She was pissed off now. She turned to the monster. "Yo! Ugly! Pick on someone your own size! Oh wait, YOU WEIGH A THOUSAND POUNDS FREAK!" Ava had caught the monster's attention long enough for the girl to shove her sword in its side.
She ran over and grabbed Ava's hand, pulling her along. "My Mom!" Ava screamed. "She's dead, Hades will take care of her, now come on!" The girl tugged her to the window. "Jump!"

"What?" Ava raised and eyebrow. "Jump!" The girl yelled and pushed her off.

"What the HELL?!" Auvorah screamed at the top of her lungs. Only to be caught by a flying horse. The girl jumped out after her, landing in front of her. "Hold on!" She yelled, grabbed the winged horse's mane, and steered them away from mayhem.

Auvorah looked back, "Don't do that!" The girl yelled, but Ava did it anyways. "The thing is on our tail! Literally!" She yelled. The monster was hanging onto the horse's tail.
The girl looked back and saw. Her face wasn't fear, more like excitement. "Hold on," She said. She grabbed an arrow and set it on fire with something in her backpack. She pulled out a bow and knocked it. "What the heck are you doing?" Ava asked, then the girl let the arrow go.

The monster caught on fire and let go of the horse. "To Camp Half-Blood! Now!" The girl yelled at the horse, and they flew through the air.

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