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message 1: by Emily ~BIG BARDA~, Clamity Clarisse is Epic~! Love Thatu (new)

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 51 comments Mod
Mortal Parent:
Immortal Parent: (Gods)

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Name: Mist (She doesn't have a last name so monsters can't track her)
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Personality: Mist is herself. She loves water like every Poseidon kid and helps the satyrs find more kids. She can be dangerous if she wants and is experience. She is usually happy, fun, and playful. She is loving, but can be secretive.
She does dangerous stuff when no one else will, and even then will do it. She is NOT a good enemy to have.

Mortal Parent: Sally
Immortal Parent: Poseidon


She has sea green eyes like her father, but didn't inherent the black hair that most Poseidon kids got.

Other: In the Roleplay, she has power over earthquakes. She has a three foot sword given to her by Aphrodite. When it is not in use it is lip balm. When it gets uncapped it turns into the sword. She touches it to her lips and it turns back into lip balm.

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 51 comments Mod
Name: Emily Heaberlin
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personailty: She's outspoken, kind, hard-headed, and loves everything musical. She is obessed with the Wicked Book seres. She's too smart for her own good. She can't seem to learn how to keep her opoions to herself.
Mortal Parent: Regina Heaberlin
Immortal Parent: Ares
Bio: Lived with her mother till she ran away

message 4: by Emily ~BIG BARDA~, Clamity Clarisse is Epic~! Love Thatu (new)

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 51 comments Mod
Name: Liir
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personaity: He's extreamly serious and doesn't talk much to others
Mortal Parent: unknown
Immortal Parent: (Gods) Hades
Bio: Raised in camp all of life

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments Name: Izzy Simi
Gender: Female
History: None of your business
Age: 14
How long have you been at camp: 3 years
Cabin: Zeus (lord of the skies and awesomeness)
Mortal Parent: Dana Simi (dead)
Weapon of Choice: Lightning Sword hidden as a lightning bolt hair clip
Appearance: brown, caramel, blackish hair (depends on the light), green, brown, hazeish eyes (also depend on the light) and pale skin
Personality: Really forgetful, good friend and occasional a good leader, funny, really stubborn and can have troubles controlling her feelings (so don't mess with her or you'll have lighting up your nose)
Other: Well she's having problems dealing with a certain monkey by the name of Mr. Bananas (don't ask)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) You joined....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Name: Malia Vasquez
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personaity: Malia is very outgoing and loud.She loves to laugh,smile,and play around.Sometimes she may act like a little kid,getting easily excited,stubborn,and easily distracted.She is nice and caring to all her friends and new campers.She is also alittle short tempered if you hurt her friends
Mortal Parent: Ilene Vasquez
Immortal Parent: Apollo
Her hair reaches her upper back and is usually in a ponytail.She has bright blue eyes with flecks of gold.She has a dark tan and freckles across.the bridge of her nose
Bio: Has been at camp for 8 years
Other?: has golden bow and arrows with a quiver that never runs out of arrows given to her by her dad

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) You joined too!!!! Yay!!!

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Name: Callais Amberson
Gender: F
Age: 16
Mortal Parent: Jackson Amberson
Immortal Parent: Aphrodite
Apperiance: About average height, with bright green eyes and blonde hair that falls a few inches below her shoulders. Her hair is naturally pretty straight and is usually left down. Her face is somewhat angular and she's very pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous or hot like you would imagine an Aphrodite kid to be. She is slender but has taken her training seriously so she's strong too.

Bio: She's usually pretty easygoing and it's not too hard to get on her good side. However, if you ever betray her, she may not get over it and she is not really a good enemy to have. She doesn't forget pain she has gone through, so she isn't very good at getting over events or people. She doesn't have much of a temper, but she can get going. Also, she can get defensive if pain in her past is brought up. Most of the time, though, she is seen as a generally happy person who knows what she's doing. She's brave and loyal and not afraid of fighting or getting dirty. She has been at the camp for quite a while, and so she knows a lot of the people there.

Other: She has some slight charmspeaking that she hasn't really figured out yet. Her weapon of choice is a long sword that transforms from a bracelet worn on her left wrist.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Name: Auvorah (Ava) Friskby
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Personality: Smart-Mouth, ain't afraid of a fight,

Mortal Parent: Her parent died in the building where Mist saved her.
Immortal Parent: Athena

Appearance: [image error]

Bio: She is pissed off right now, she isn't telling you.

Other: Is very, very, pissed off about the stupid Demigod cr*p.

message 12: by Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (last edited Feb 26, 2012 05:07PM) (new)

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments Lol Izzy, I'm scared XD
Oh yay Ashley Tisdale too, she's awesome! XD again

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Yeah!!! And don't be scared, the girl is just a demigod who is pissed off and cussing everywhere about the demigod business.

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments Lol that sounds like Ares XD

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Nah, just a pissed off kid who could smack Ares to Mars(See what I did there?))

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments Lol note to self: Don't let Ron meet this girl ever XD

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments (and yeah lol Izzy XD)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) ((Yup!))

Yeah, Ron better be careful with her.....XD

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 7 comments ... this will not be good then... (=D)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) LoL! Make Ron! Make him! I want fun!

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Name: Landon
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Personality: He's secretive, and helps Mist out. He's a great fighter and helps new Demis train. He gets friends easily and quickly(Unless it's Ava). He is well known around camp even though he mostly hangs out alone. He does talk often, just catch him in the right mood.

Mortal Parent: Let him put it this way, he's an orphan.
Immortal Parent: Hades


Other: He can deal with the cussing from Ava and has a ruby ring from the Underworld. If he rubs it, it sends three hellhounds to help him fight or to protect him.

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Witchy Name: Rose(Roe) Ember
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Personality: Rose is very mysterious. She isn't one to put herself out there, but she can always atract attention. She has a short, fiery temper and can become quite violent when someone eggs her on. Othe than that, she is an all-around nice girl.


Mortal Parent: Jessica Ember. A flower-shop owner.
Immortal Parent: Hephestus

Other: Her small spindly fingers can craft brilliant works of art as well as amazing technology.

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Witchy Name: Brendan Thompsan
Gender: Male

Personality: Brendan is your average happy go lucky guy. He has a dry sense of humor and it is almost IMPOSIBLE to get on his bad side. Although his boyish charms are very cute, he can not tell when someone likes him. He is basically blind when it comes to that. He is very bright though.

Mortal Parent: John Thompsan
Immortal Parent: Hera


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