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Hospital RP.

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The doctor helped Jason inside the hospital and led him into a room.

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Ryan led Jake and Hazel to the hospital. "may I help you?" the lady at the desk asked. "uh do you know where Jason is?" "he should be out shortly unroll then feel free to stay in our waiting room." the lady pointed to a room down the hall. Ryan walked in the waiting room and sat down. worry crossed her face for a second then she hid it.

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(do u like the idea where Jake gets an internship thing and has to leave for a few months then then idk what happens next?)

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Tabitha (tabby18) Hazel sat with Ryan.

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A few minutes later Jason came with a cast and cruches.

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Tabitha (tabby18) "Jason are you ok?",Hazel asked worried.

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"just a broken ankle." Jason told Hazel. "Jason can I speak to you for a moment?" the doctor asked. "sure." jason said then went to the doctor spoke silently to him.

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Tabitha (tabby18) Hazel looked at Ryan.

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Ryan returned Hazels look then looked at jake who just stood silently.

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Tabitha (tabby18) "Jake you ok?"

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Ryan moved closer to Jake. Worry crossed her face.

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Tabitha (tabby18) Jake smiles lightly at her.

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"are you really okay?."

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Tabitha (tabby18) He looked sad.

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"what's wrong? And don't say nothing, I can tell there's something wrong."

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Ryan took Jakes hand and squeezed.

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Tabitha (tabby18) "I've got an internship"

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Ryan smiled. " really. Congradulations."

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Tabitha (tabby18) "but I'll be going away for a couple of months"he told her

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"oh." she tried to smile. "where will you be going?"

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Tabitha (tabby18) "I'm not sure where"

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"do you know when your leaving?" she looked at the floor.

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Tabitha (tabby18) "in three weeks"

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Ryan nodded.

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Jason came " I better be getting home." he said then left.

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" I… Have to go." Ryan said, looked at Jake then stood up.

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Tabitha (tabby18) "oh ok"

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Ryan turned to leave. She walk slowly to the door then turned around and waved bye. She walked to the park.

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Tabitha (tabby18) Hazel said bye to Jake then followed Ryan.

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