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Adena Wright (adenaw) Walker followed Elisabeth to the stables. He could barely hear himself think over the noise of the horses, pegasi, unicorns, and whatever else lived here. He went to pen number 65 and lead his horse, Anthos, out. "Don't embarass me any more than necessary," he said, patting his neck.

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"I'm sure you won't embarrass yourself," Elisabeth assured him, already on her own horse. There were unicorns and pegasi and so much more... but she preferred Ginger, her copper-coloured - and very normal - horse.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Walker laughed as he mounted his horse. "You've never seen me ride before," he replied. "I haven't ridden in while, so by all means, if you feel the need to laugh at my idiocy, feel free," he told her.

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"I won't laugh," Elisabeth promised, smiling at him. "Or at least, I'll try not to. 'm afraid that's all I am capable of promising you." She smiled fondly at him. "Shall we go, now?"

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Walker returned her smile. "Well, let's see how that works out," he replied. "Sure, let's go," he said, turning his horse around and trotting out of the stables and towards the trails.

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((EPIC FAIL I'm two months late. Sorry about that.))

"So far there's nothing to laugh at," Elisabeth said, "and you're certainly not an idiot, because I don't think you are capable of being an idiot. I think we realize you're a bit to smart for that. That is, after all, why you're a captain, yeah?"

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Adena Wright (adenaw) ((Haha it's fine, let's move to the trails))

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