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message 1: by Booknut (new)

Booknut (booknut101) | 23 comments Mod
The ever-asked question...even I can't figure it out! There are so many wonderful male actors to choose from, so take your pick!

message 2: by Carole (new)

Carole (4liverpool) | 27 comments ben barnes

message 3: by Laurel (new)

Laurel | 22 comments Carole wrote: "ben barnes"Good one... will be a darker character than Caspian (which is the only role I really know him from off the top of my head), but he could do it, I think.

message 4: by Carole (new)

Carole (4liverpool) | 27 comments He also starred in Dorian Gray. I found some really good clips on youtube.
That is one of my favourites. They say he is really genuine with his fans and takes the time to thank them and give autographs. He is trying to play all different roles lately. The latest one in Words

message 5: by Laurel (new)

Laurel | 22 comments Hrm... yeah, after seeing him with shorter hair looking a teency bit older, I'm thinking he could definitely pull off Ash. Good to hear that he's nice to fans. :)

message 6: by Sheyenne (new)

Sheyenne  (sunshineshy599) Adam Gregory definately he has that jet black hair, mercury eyes, and he is just plain yummy just like Ash. <3

message 7: by Sheyenne (last edited May 18, 2012 09:45PM) (new)

Sheyenne  (sunshineshy599) Ben barnes is ok...but he looks more like a fairytale prince climbing up repunzal's hair then a dangerous, hot, mysterious ice prince. He doesnt look dangerous and mysterous enough to pull off Ash.

message 8: by Barbie (new)

Barbie | 1 comments Adan Gregory would be great, although I always pictured him as Ian Somerhalder with a bit of longer hair and younger.:)

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