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Hey people! I ish be-ith giving you a challenge! If you want to, read "Waiting for Normal" by Leslie Connor. It is soo o-mazing! By member request, I'll be adding some more books for our group to read, and ONLY if you want to. But, I figured I'd start off with this one, because not that many people have heard of it. I would loouvre feedback! :D -Elisabeth

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Preeshay (goodreadscompreeshay_pari) | 3 comments hi lizy!~
ya ofcourse dear atleast i'd love reading it n u cansurely send ur more recommendations! it would b a love having from u;)
btw thnx for "Waiting for normal"

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Congrats you have 16 members. I clap for you

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) I will read it!

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