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So, when I am in loovre with a book, I loouvre to visualize the characters and items that were in the story. Sooo, I draw them! My favorite thing to do is draw my characters. I usually start to shade them. Like, I try to draw all of my characters, such as Annabeth or Grover from the Percy Jackson series. You guys better know what shading is. Otherwise, it might sound like some real "shady" stuff! (Haha, I crack myself up!) Anyhoo, shading is when you are drawing a figure or something with a pencil and color realllly hard along the outside and then as you go in, it gets lighter so it looks tres bien! What be-ith all of you guys' favorite way to draw? And, if you would pick a favorite character to draw, who would it be from which book? Comment! :)

message 2: by Giuliana (new)

Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) I can't draw but the character that I would like to shade would probably be Rachel!

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Anni8 | 5 comments I like to visualize characters too! But then if they make a movie about it, after that I always imagine them like the movie characters.

Rosemary*1D Stole My Heart* | 25 comments I would draw Harry Potter or Hermione

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