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ladymartinez | 104 comments Fey came in. Her cloak falling over her simple white dress showing her curvy and feminene body. It wrappped around her shoulder her hood on her back. He grey eyes shining with excitment as she was going to another get away outside the palace. She asked for an apple and they gave her three different desserts

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((Wait, is she Mia or Fey?))

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ladymartinez | 104 comments (ahhh FEY thanks for reminding me)

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Garon crossed his arms as he asked for a drink of water and they offered him a dozen different glasses of wine. The server saw the look in his eye and then rushed to pour him the water, topping of the crystalline glass with a fresh slice of lemon. Garon sighed as he took the drink. A simple mug would have sufficed.

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ladymartinez | 104 comments Fey (had to think about it ;)) looked over at the guy standing. She might have looked as a beautiful peasent. Her soft gentle voice spoke up at him "Would you mind sharing, they kinda gave me a lot" she gave a weak smiled showing her dimples that fit her face perfectly

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Garon looked at the girl who had approached him, surprised. Usually, commoners never dared walk within several feet of him, much less speak to him. But then he remembered that he still wore his simple travelling garb, and the only reason the server reacted the way he did was because of his pocketbook. Garon smiled at the girl. "I would love to. They tend to do that."

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ladymartinez | 104 comments She chuckled. "I havent seen you around" she plopped on her chair. he didnt look royalty so she could be herself. She ate a carmalized apple in a bite. "Are you a traveler?" she asked tilting her head in question. he was quite a catch she thought to herself

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He nodded, taking a caramelized apple for himself. "My friend and I are visiting from up north. We came from Denham. It's a lot warmer here than I'm used to."

((i gtg!))

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She remembered the Prince she was arranged to meet today. She shuddered at the thought thinking him being older and too cocky for her taste. Then again she didnt know the guy. She guessed this must be his companion "Yeah it gets warm here" and took another bite of the delicious flavor

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"So what about you?" He asked, setting down the apple and trying another one of the desserts.

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She finished and sipped some wine making a face. "I asked for a drink and get this." she ate a different one and stuffed her mouth then she swolled and gave a vague answer "I've been here my whole life" she smiled

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"They're not very good at following directions, are they?" Garon laughed. He sipped his lemon water. There was something quite . . . disarming about this peasant girl, which he found very refreshing. "May I ask your name?"

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ladymartinez | 104 comments She didnt stop "Fey" she munched on her last of the apple pie. "that was good too bad you didnt try it" she said teasing him with her piece on her fork. "And yours?"

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"Garon," he replied, using the name he was not commonly associated with. With a smile, he said, "That did look good. Maybe sometime you'll have to show me the best places to get apple pie around here. I'd probably just get lost on my own."

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ladymartinez | 104 comments At that she stood "Absolutely, not that im complaining here but c'mon!" she said she quickly put up her big hood covering her face. She looked at his gorgeous face

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Garon stood up as well, a bit surprised but pleased. He glanced at the sun-- only an hour or so until it set, and until he was supposed to meet some stuffy princess. Smiling, he gazed at the lovely peasant and said, "Lead on!"

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ladymartinez | 104 comments She giggled. She hoped she would have time to get dressed. She sighed at the thought. "Ok i shall" she did a small curtsy and grinned walking ahead. Taking the servants exit.

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ladymartinez | 104 comments (foods?)

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