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Darcy pranced around her room wearing her crown, it was only one of her princess crowns but she had to get used to something always being on her head. She then spoke to herself standing in front of her mirror "Darcian Anne Felicitey Carissa Renaldo Menchello, Queen" She laughed

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella walked in, "Milady, can I assist you of anything?" She said, her head bowed low

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"No, but try this on" Darcy said placing the crown on Isabella's head, "YOu look more like a princess then I do." Darcy admitted.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella shyed, her head tilting, "Why thank you milady, you shall soon be queen!"

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"yeah, but than mother will make me marry a king, and all I want is my dear Austin" DArcy said jumping onto her bed and crossed her legs, and baiding Isabella to join her.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella followed, she was never usually treated like this, but walked over anyway, she sighed, "I know my opinion barely counts, but Austin is your love, don't give in to what your mother says!" Then she quickly lowered her head again

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"Please." Darcy rolled her eyes "Isabella you have been my closest friend since birth, you should understand the most of why I can never marry Austin. Mother is law"

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sighed, "And you have been my only friend since birth, I'm so glad your mother let me serve her as the closest maid, but, I'm sorry, I just think, maybe if Austin made a heroic gesture? He could gain your mothers authority!"

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"I know, I hope he will but he is off fighting somewhere in Asia, he wrote me love letters though." Darcy smilied "Who's been in your life recently?" Darcy then asked her close friend curiously

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sighed, "Noone, I'm just a maid, your the only one round here that pays attention to me, Thats dead romantic though!" Suddenly, some one walked through the door without them noticing...

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"What was that?" Darcy asked tilting her head in confusion "And don't worry darling you are my true love" She cracked up laughing.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sighed, "Pardon Darcy, what did you say?" She laughed and sighed, "Why, you are always mine too!" Then, she knelt down on one knee, pretending to marry her, then, she quickly sat up

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Keeli (lalalandito) Eli laughed from the door, "Aww.. so friggen cute." her voice was flat.

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"Hello, ELi!" Darcy said welcoming her into the room, "Come join us, tell us your troubles"

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella smiled at her then sighed, "I best be off milady" she always called Darcy milady, just to annoy her, kinda

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Keeli (lalalandito) "Merlins a beast.." she groaned, sitting down, she looked at isabella, "dont mind me! you can stay!"

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella pulled a cheesy grin and sighed, "By Darcy and I must be off, I need to assist Darcy's, 'wonderful' mother!"

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"Have fun with the devil, Isabella." Darcy said laughing. "SO who is this Merlin?" sh asked ELi

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Keeli (lalalandito) "lovely! I will indeed miss you my fast friend!" she said in a old accent, acting like a nice version of the queen. she winked.

"Merlins like me, a little more powerful then me. and thats dangerous." she raised her eyebrows.

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"Ohh, love! What a sweet problem it is. Austin tells me he loves me more everyday we are apart. I sense Merlin is powerful, but you should follow your heart,
YOU acually have a chioce i have not a word against my mother" Darcy said wistfully

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella rushed in to the chamber slamming the door shut at the end, "Darcy, your mother has some weird news!"

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"What?" Darcy said on edge now.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sat down on the bed and pulled her apron off, "It's about Austin!"

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"What did she say? I command thee to tell me!" Darcy said in an anxious voice

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella laughed, "She. said. he. has. gone."

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"Gone where?" Darcy asked

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella gasped, "GONE"

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"Dissappeared, oh I knew this would happen." Darcy said shaking her hands, as she always did when she was nervous "I sensed the danger, but had to vague of a feeling to try and find out more about the sense" Darcy said reffering to her magical ability of sensing things that happen in the past, present, and future.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sighed, "Darcy, I haven't a clue what you are talking about! But, Austin is in danger, I have to go, your mother said I had to be back by the twentyfirst hour!" ((pretend its nine :P)) Then, she walked off, hoping to find out more.

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"O.k. but be careful" Darcy said worried

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella smiled then ran

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Keeli (lalalandito) eli stood up abruptly, "I DONT LOVE MERLIN!!!"

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"Calm down, I didn't realize that, it's just merlin likes you... so it was presumable you felt the same" Darcy said calm like always ((gtg))

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Keeli (lalalandito) (*sigh* KAAY!)

She glared, "stop being a royal pain and shut your silver spoon sucking mouth!" She joked.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella walked in, hoping to find Darcy, "Eli, are you with Darcy?"

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Keeli (lalalandito) Her jaw was set, she walked out, "she left to go be a princess." she growled, and walked out.

Xavior passed her in the halls, "what tied your courset in a knot?"

"Princess thinks i like merlin.' she grumbled,

Xander erupted into laughter.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella sighed, "Thanks anyway!" Then she realised she never had put her uniform back on, she decided to shove it back on and walk to her room.

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"Oh please" Darcy said laughing even though Eli was being a pain. "Isabella you called?" Darcy said

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Keeli (lalalandito) Eli ran in, she seemed scared of something.

Xandar came in, bright red, he had a substance splattered across his face. "Elizebeth.. Angel... Rodgers.... I WILL KILL YOU!"

"oops." she whispered to darcy.

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Darcy smiled "Xander you have a litlle something on your face" Darcy said

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella smiled, then noticed Darcy, "Oh, 'miladi' your mother wants you, good luck!"

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Keeli (lalalandito) "I didnt mean to! It just happened!" Eli said, kinda scared.

"you grabbed a bird and made it do unnatural things!" He fumed.

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"Oh great my mother calls, you ae ll dismissed, which means continue this fight anywhere but here!" Darcy said marching out of the room to talk to her mother

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ladymartinez | 104 comments Fey entered and rang for a maid. She bathed and hurried to dress. She liked simple clothes and this was extravagent. She wore a silky blue gown with sleeves. It was a v neck yet not to low to make it inapropiate. Her hair was wrapped into coils and pinned to her head. She refused to wear makeup but put on a little eyeliner. She pinched her cheeks and mouth to add color.

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella rushed to Fey and sighed, "What would you like?" She bowed her head low.

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ladymartinez | 104 comments (you had already.finished her haha sorry!)

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harriet (harriet64) ((whoops))

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Darcy stepped into her room and shut the door behind hrr... "ughhh Im so tired!" she yelled then jumped into bed

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