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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Sounds like a good roleplay (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Yes you can. Thats fine. (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Yeah, sorry for the wait.. out shopping with friends :P

Name: Jay Willams
Age: 19
Species: Werewolf
Personality: Extreme flirtatious & sarcastic, rude, big-headed, mischevious, and occasionally sincere
Appearance: Main character from i am number 4 -- spaced his name :P
History: to be rped
Other: to be rped

Does that work?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments It was fun, bought some killer heels! ))

She sounds like an awesome werewolf!! (:

Sooo who wants to start?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay sat at the other end of the lunch table with his good pals and some new girls that despite everything Jay does, wants to always be with him. Jay placed his arms on the chairs of two girls with a playful grin, the girls giggled slightly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Hi! (: ))

Jay heard a low howl,his hair on the back of his neck stood up but he remained calm. He didn't understand why she continue to pester him, he already reject her once. ((Is that right?))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay sighed heavily feeling the emotions of his mate from across the room, he excused himself and left the area, slapping his cheeks slightly. Despite his rejection, he felt what she did and knew they were meant for each other but he said no, so why didn't fate agree?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Once away from Raine's sight, Jay turned around and watched her turn away her whimpers hit him. He shook his head and cursed under his breath. He took a deep breath, swallowed his pride and walked back towards her. Once reaching he spoke softly, "Raine, would you mind taking a walk with me for a moment?"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He held out his arm like any gentle men would do, he was doing the right thing, right? He then led her outside to somewhere less crowded. He knew he needed to say something but what? His wolf growled softly with frustration then he sighed softly, "Soo about all this," He couldn't form the the word 'about us being mates' "Maybe it would be best, for everyone..." He shouldn't be dragging this on. "If we act like we're happy about the situation, ya know? Until everything else is figured out?" He hoped he made sense.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He saw the anger coming, "just until we're sure its right..it wont help anything if we do fall in love then turns out it wasnt right." He was making something up but it worked. He just didnt want to hurt himself as his last victim.

((How fast do you want jay to start falling for raine?))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Just making sure (: ))

Jay nodded, he expected a lot worse to come from it. He grinned to himself on how easy it was. "Soo.. hows your family and friends doing?" He brought up something hoping it would get her talking.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay cursed himself with her no response, he kicked a small rock at his foot sending it flying. It hit someone's head foot causing them to trip, he muffled his laugh slightly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay laughed softly and sterred them into a different direction not looking behind him and hoping to appear normal.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Alice? xD ))

Jay laughed softly as he let her take his hand as they ran away from the guy hoping to out run him.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Haha it's fine, just thought it was funny.))

Jay quickly grabbed her by the waist and turned her in a complete circle before running off straight and then turning sharply hoping to lose the angry guy.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((I know right? It's a pain :P ))

Jay laughed as they rounded the corner almost hitting other people, he try to swerve around them and ended up tripping himself and falling grabbing Raine's wrist at the last second, taking her down as well.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Oh the irony :P ))

Jay looked up in surprise seeing Raine ontop of him, his inner wolf cried with slight irritation and joy. Jay didn't try to sound too rude, "Sorry." He slide out from underneath her.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay might be viewed as a player and kinda act like it but he's not stupid, "No worries, it's my fault but hei at least that guy isn't here." He laughed softly

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay laid on his back looking up at the sky, not trying to feel Raine's feelings. "Have you ever felt completely clueless on why things go the way they do?" He thought out loud.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He sighed letting her in a little bit to what makes him him, "everyone claims that they know whats best for me and how my life will work but they dont realize im different then they think i am.. i just wish i knew who i was..." he speaking all loud between them, he didnt understand why but it helped.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay nodded as his wolf whines softly at his frustration as he conintue to look up at the sky.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He looked over her suddenly embarrassed what he said, "sorry.."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay shrugged lightly, "just feels right to talk to you about it.."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay sat up, "you can go back to your frineds now, if you like."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Can he start being nicer to her now?))

Jay watch her stand up and before she left he said, "hei raine, thanks for walking with me and running away from a guy with me." He gave her a gentle smile before he laid back down.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Just want to make sure its cool with you.))

Jay smiled and nodded, "ill remember that." He starred up at the sky for a while before his friends found him, "Dud what was that all about with raine?" Jay just shrugged, "you wouldnt understand.." "you like her now." "I didnt say that." Jay deffended himself his friend laughed slightly "you arent denying it either." Jay rolled his eyes and stood up, "lets go before you start blabbing more craziness."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((My pleasure.))

Jay chatted with his friends about anything excepts mates, he obviously didnt seem in the mood but in reality he didnt understand the concept of mates, he was just confused. They just hung out at his home but after a while his mother came to him and told him that the invited raine's family over for dinner. His heart dropped, what was he suppose to do now?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay had finished the table setting before he went and step out in his backyard, he sat down on a bench as he looked at the forest around his house. He was trying to form a plan in his head but nothin was coming, he saw them come close to the house but didnt move.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments His parents opened happily andet them in, "jay is outside.. silly boy can never get enough of the woods." Jay knew they would send raine out or assume shed come out. He kept his expression calm and as his wolf howled to the woods or was it for raine, he shook his head slightly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay looked at her with a small smile. "Hei, wanna seat? Im sure theres room." He chuckled softly. He could feel his parents talking to hers saying, "the are still in the awkward phase of the mates."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments "I hope you dont mind coming over, my mothers idea." He smiled gently. He sighed softly, "Raine i need to apolgizee, what i said earlier was rude and selfish. Maybe we can start by growing as friends and then see how the tables turn.. is that okay?"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay smiled, "Great, okay first friendly question.. what's your favorite animal to hunt?" It was a strange question but he always thought it was interesting, he like bucks and messing with rabbits.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay chuckled softly, "Really? That's the same with me. Okay, your turn to ask a question."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay thought for a moment, "I would say pretty fast..I don't know exactly, I'll have to check next time.. You?"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay rolled his eyes and nudge her softly, "Someday.. we'll race."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments "We'll see." He laughed, "I have my ways." Jay's mother stepped out the door, "Dinner time." Jay got up and motion for Raine before him, "After you.."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay came to the table to see their parents had purposely sat to where Jay and Raine and had to sit next to each other, he should have guess since they were now mates. He shivered slightly at the thought, unsure what it should mean to him at the moment. Jay sat down with Raine.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay waited for his parents to start serving the food and passing it along before he did anything. He could feel Raine's nerviousness and it matched his own. As he passed something to Raine, their hands touched and Jay met her eyes with a softly glance.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay nodded and looked down at his plate with fork in hand, what had just happened? He swore.. he felt something.. He took a bite of his food carefully glancing over at Raine, they could be more than friends...probably. He sighed softly and put a smile on his face as he continue to eat.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay thought his mind was being cruel enough until his mother started speaking, "You'll have to excuse Jay," She started, "He's just like his father; so shy around his mate." Jay turned red and starred at his plate shaking his head slightly, he glanced over at Raine which made it worse.

((Does it work for that he's starting to feel something towards her?))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Thanks(: ))

Jay was beyond uncomfortable but he stayed which was unlike him. He politely ate as he kept catching Raine's eye and quickly looking around afterwords.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((I love role-playing with chu :P FYI. Sorry GR took forever on my computer to load.))

Jay's mother smiled, "Why thank you. It's Jay's favorite." Jay smiled and nodded, "It is, thanks for cooking it mom." He was now awaiting for her to pull out his embarrassing pictures to finish the night.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((I know right?! Frustrating! ))

Jay watched Raine smile during the dinner, he couldn't figure out why she was so smiley. When he was done, he cleaned up his spot and once the rest of them were finished he continued to clear the table.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay appreciated the help and smile softly towards her, he kpt thinking about when they touch and what they both felt. He saw the cake they had brought, "Raine, would you mind cutting the cake while i get plates?"

((Me too!!))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay placed some plates next to the cake with a small smile. He heard their parents talking in the other room and he looked down at the cake, "that looks good."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments "Good choice." He smiled as he took a couple and handed them out to the parents as raine placed more on plates. He went to get something in a drawer next to her as she turned around, their faces very close and his breathing stopped.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay's mind completely cleared as his eyes danced around Raine's face. Their parents were still chatting happily; he tried to breathe but nothing came. He leaned over to the side of her to pick up a plate of cake, it was the only thing he could think of as he leaned back he planted a small kiss on her cheek softly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay met her eyes softly similar explosion played in his eyes before he stepped away from her and went to the back door, he threw her one more glance before he went out back sitting in the same spot suddenly not in the mood for cake.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Jay looked up from his plate when the front door shut, she needed space but he was curious. He put the plate down and ran into the trees, his human form disappearing as he changed into his wolf. Shades of gray covered his body as he ran through the trees, he found her scent easily and silently watched her through the trees.

(( This is him: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_v-FjwogQymA... ))
(( Look at this! Reminds me of them.. in the future :P http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photo... ))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He growled quietly at the sight of the drunk guys, he crept closer to her watching with her curiousity but watching the guys.

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