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Dee This books seems very interesting, but there are mixed reviews. What do you think?

Stephanie I have read Jabberwocky, and I am currently now reading The Hatter by the same author because I enjoyed Jabberwocky so much. I am aware, but not terribly familiar with Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, and I'm not sure how this fact would compare my opinion of the book with others who ARE familiar with Carroll's work. All that said, I must say that Daniel Coleman's writing seems to meet a higher intelligence level than other author's style of writing. This could be one reason for the mixed reviews you are seeing. It's a captivating read - parts are suspenseful, but the overlying tone is steady, with some low/slower parts. I think most people tend to love a book that is fully suspenseful throughout. Again, another possible reason for the mixed reviews.

Overall, I liked this book for the writing capability of the author and the story itself. The characters were very relatable, and there are not too few of them. I think you should give it a shot...then if you like it - try "The Hatter". It's another book by the same author. Not a sequel, but a story all on its own with some of the same characters from the Jabberwocky.

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