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message 1: by ☯Emily , moderator (new)

☯Emily  Ginder | 772 comments Mod
This was published in November 1859.

message 2: by ☯Emily , moderator (new)

☯Emily  Ginder | 772 comments Mod
Finished this section today. Dickens chillingly writes about the horrors of the French Revolution. It is hard to believe that people of Paris would tolerate the blood and gore for so long.

The fear of Lucie that Charles would be taken away again seems fanciful, but understandable. To have that fear realized is terrible.

I'm glad that Dickens gave us some comic relief with Miss Pross and Mr. Cruncher. Unfortunately, it was not enough to relieve the chill and horror of Paris.

message 3: by Carrie (new)

Carrie | 92 comments I agree the blood and gore of that time is just awful. You really get the sense of people just being executed every few seconds. Very disturbing.

Mr. Cruncher is really one of my favorite characters in the book. It is a blessing that there is some comic relief at all in the book. It does give you a little break from the darkness of it all.

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