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Natalie Natalie Feb 24, 2012 04:22PM
did anyone else have a problem with the grammer in this book? i mean, i know the author did it on purpose, but do you think it helped the book or would it have been better without?

You are asking about grammar, when you spelled it wrong? -_- *sighs dramatically* I actually thought it added a lot to the story. the dialogue and grammar and stuff.

It took me a good 50 pages to get used to it, but after that I started to enjoy the apparent accent it gave Saba, and once I finished the book and moved on to a grammatically correct book, regular grammar sounded so....weird to me.

I was halfway through the book before I got over the grammar. It drove me crazy at first, but after a while I got used to it (ish). I wish people would just stick to grammar though, because without it, the book's actually a lot harder to read. Maybe I'm a bit OCD in this issue... but oh well.

It really made it feel like Saba was writing it. The way it was written intertwined the story and the narrator's personality. I mean, yes, the diction was tough, crude, and blatantly direct, but the brilliant emotion, intelligence, and understanding behind it pointedly conveyed Saba's attitude and personality to the reader. And yeah, maybe it was a little unusual at first without the quotation marks, but it was easy to get over- and the story was completely worth the initial awkwardness.

it sounded so southern, i loved it <3

It was different; I liked it.

At first I was looking for the "Quotation Marks" but Duh till the end No "Quotations" at all yet it helps the dialogue be more REALISTIC!:)

I liked the way the grammar was written, it gave the characters more personality and gave the book more of a theme. I liked it so much that when I read Blood Red Road i would read aloud to myself in the way it was written. It was actually alotta fun

I'm still debating whether I want to read this book or not. I want to, but I can't stand the grammar and spelling things. I know I'm not perfect with grammar but the spelling. Oh, the spelling! Just from a little preview... I nearly passed out.

Is it still a good book without proper spelling? I can't imagine it would be... But I like the plot... But spelling's important. Oh, I don't know! Can't they just have spelling problems in the dialogue?

I think the way the book was written helped give it a fast pace. The simple way the words are strung together makes it easy to read and understand the action, and the 500 pages seem like nothing.

Books are different where ever they are written, published even. I got used to it like how I get used to reading with US spelling & sayings.

The lack of grammar and quotation standards just made me concentrate more on what was happening like I was reading a book in another language. It added to the story and made it feel more like a different place and time, which I think was the point. I really look forward to reading more.

It annoyed me at first but I quickly got used to it. Definitely not something that effected my love for this book

To me, the grammar did help the book. It supported the whole "feel" of the book as a whole. Although, the dialogue-without-quotations thing was a little confusing at first, but as the book continued, I settled into the flow of it.

Took me a few chapters to get used to, then after a while my brain compensated for the lack of grammar and I really enjoyed the story.

I loved the grammar stuff! It helped get the accent in my head. I think it's a big part of what made me love this book.

It's definitely worth it. I loved the book and you get used to the grammar. It makes the world more real to me. I loved the book!

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The grammar SUCKS. End of.

but I think it's still good :)

I thought it was weird that some of the really easy words were spelled wrong (phonetically), but then there were harder words, that should have been wrong, that were correct. It definitely took some time to get used to.

I did find it difficult to read at the beginning even tho I was raised where there were many similar coloquial sayings as presented in the book. We are not accustomed to reading as we speak and that was the difficulty for me. I did get into the flow and enjoyed it very much. It would not have been as wonderful without it.

Natalie wrote: "did anyone else have a problem with the grammer in this book? i mean, i know the author did it on purpose, but do you think it helped the book or would it have been better without?"

I couldnt finish it because I couldnt understand what the heroine was saying! So yes a bit of a problem with the grammar...

I really liked the way she wrote, didn't mind it at all. It made me "imagine" the environment itself and the time, because you got to read/hear for youself how they talked, It was cool.

Nat, you really shouldn't be speaking on the topic of grammar.
This is on my to read list, but I'm not sure if it's worth the irritating grammar.

Kat You totally should. It is more than worth the "irritating grammar". It's uncomfortable at first, but you get the hang of it. And the book is incredibl ...more
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It was so different! I couldnt take some parts serious becuase of it. When i started reading i could not stop laughing, but when i got about 80 to 100 pages in, i started liking it. It fit well with the story of the book.

Totally helped it.

i hated the grammar, it annoyed me for a bit but the i got used to it...overall, it helped the book flow better i guess

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