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Deborah | 983 comments We'll use this space for, well, eponymously, General Discussion with no spoilers! (Go figure.)

Deborah | 983 comments Ok, I confess, I need a little help.
I have the audio version. Which comes in three parts with 30 chapters in the first part, 30 chapters in the second, and 29 in the third.

How closely does that reflect the print version?

William Mego (willmego) the version I've got has four parts, hopeland, heartland, ghostland, afterland. There aren't really clearly marked chapters in either my copy, or the version on google books I just now looked at. The google books version also uses the same section titles.

Deborah | 983 comments Thank you!

Deborah | 983 comments I have to say, rereading (or relistening in my case) I appreciate this book even more. It holds up to revisits and you appreciate how well it hangs together.

Julia A little late in the month to perhaps be too useful - but if anyone considering the book is finding the length daunting, I have to say that the three-volume version feels much shorter somehow !

John (johnnyfartpants) Thanks to all those who recommended this book! I am savouring it by limiting myself to just a few pages a day, rather like a fine wine. I was brought up in a Catholic boarding school in Ireland during the 70s and I can almost smell the dubbin and hear the 'thwack' of the hurling stick on bone as I read. Marvellously evocative.

William Mego (willmego) it's quite a book, isn't it? I was suspicious at first, but the book won me over, and I really enjoyed it.

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